Redmond High School Theatre: A Christmas Carol

The Redmond High School (RHS) Troupers invites you to experience the classic holiday tale,  A Christmas Carol,based on the novel by Charles Dickens and adapted by Howard Schor. With a dynamic cast and creative team comprising over 50 students, this inspiring production will leave you laughing, crying, and contemplating the ghosts of your own past, present, and future.
In keeping with the all-ages flavor of the show, the RHS high school students are joined by younger actors from Terrebonne, Obsidian, Elton Gregory middle schools as well as John Tuck elementary.The Christmas Carol, set in London, England, portrays the story of Ebenezer Scrooge’s struggle to overcome his selfish, Grinch-like personality. However, Mr. Scrooge wasn’t always like this. As a result of unfortunate events that happened throughout his life, Ebenezer was slowly separated from his once loving spirit. In order to regain his compassion and empathetic heart he must be guided by the three ghosts of Christmas.

Using methods that go back to the Greek theatre, student designers are developing a set based on periaktoi–triangular devices used for displaying rapidly changing scenes. In addition, students have worked with choreographer, Mary Kilpatrick, co-founder of BEAT! Bend Experimental Art Theatre, to create dances that express Scrooge’s inner fears and inner child.
People of all ages will enjoy this dream come to life, directed by Hilda Beltran, and her assistant student director Derek Villalobos, an RHS senior.

A Christmas Carol
December 10-11 at 7pm
December 13 at 2 and 7pm

Pre-order tickets online at
In advance (online): $10 Adults, $8 seniors, $5 K-12 students.
At the door tickets $12 Adults, $10 Seniors, and $5.00 Students
Hilda Beltran Wagner
Redmond High School
541- 923-4800

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