Redmond Proficiency Academy to Present Boundless

The Redmond Proficiency Academy will host Boundless, a live event where teens showcase their talents, which includes magic, inspirational talks, music performances, and more, at the Tower Theatre in Bend on May 18 at 6pm.

This is the second event hosted by RPA and its student-run company, Caged Inspiration. It is a continuation of last year’s event, Limitless, which originated in a classroom at Redmond Proficiency Academy. “The challenge of the class was to create a legitimate business run by teenagers,” said RPA Advisor Ken Streater. “They have succeeded at this, and then some.”

Daniel Raley, one of the student business managers and show producers, believes that “Boundless will be a great success, like last year’s event. We are looking for a few more presenters that will complete our already powerful lineup.”

The event was created by teens to inspire attendees and Central Oregon communities. “The goal is for people to walk away from this event energized to do something they love, something that can positively impact the rest of their community,” said Student Business Manager Faith Story. “Most of the performers will be teens who will share their talent, dreams and ideas that aren’t displayed on a day-to-day basis.”



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