Riff Supports Frontline Efforts by Launching Buy One, Give One Program

(Healthcare workers enjoying Riff Cold Brewed Coffee and Riff Alter Ego Natural Energy Drinks in St. Charles Medical Center’s staff lobby. | Photo courtesy St. Charles Medical Center)

As a small business and member of the Bend and greater Oregon community, it is important for Riff to find a way to step up and serve frontline workers and healthcare professionals who are risking their own lives to save lives.

“As a small yet mighty company, we are continuously inspired and constantly look for ways to show up and support our community,” said Paul Evers, Riff Co-Founder and CEO. “When we learned that most coffee shops are closed and hospital coffee is non-existent, it was a no brainer that we show deep appreciation and provide a bit of joy and brightness — and of course caffeine — to those who need it most during these challenging times.”

As a result, Riff created a get one, give one program. When a member of the Riff community purchases a bottle of Riff Cold Brewed Coffee or can of Alter Ego, Riff will match their purchase and donate a bottle of cold-brewed coffee or can of Alter Ego to frontline workers on the consumer’s behalf. To jump start the program, Riff set up a display case and stocked it with bottles of Arm and Arm and Paint the Town cold brewed coffee and cans of Alter Ego for all healthcare workers to enjoy at St. Charles hospital in Bend on Tuesday. 

All of Riff’s products are crafted using the most stringent health and safety practices, allowing consumers to grab and go and enjoy Riff with confidence, especially during such uncertain times.

For more information visit letsriff.com or call 458-206-0825.


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