Rochelle Rose-Schueler in Love with Mosaics

For the past 23 years, Rochelle Rose-Schueler has been a resident of the Central Oregon region. Her background within the arts has been molded by a number of varied courses (including graphic drawing, ceramics, metal art fabrication, woodworking, welding and glassworking) and extensive apprenticeship under Laurel True, a world-renowned mural artist.
Schueler originally received degrees in forestry and hydrology and attributes much of her geometric fine art to the math and science aspects incorporated into these studies. After creating a home-piece mosaic as a gift to a friend, Schueler says that she,“fell in love with mosaics.”
The artist ventured down to the California College of the Arts in Oakland, California and began studying mural making. Schueler studied under True in a one-week mosaic-intensive course, which Schueler describes as experience that changed her life. She went on to apprentice under mentor True in New Orleans, Louisiana the Bay Area and across the country.
In November 2015, Schueler was invited to accompany True and another elite mural artist to Haiti in order to build mosaics in a reconstruction effort. The Canadian Red Cross commissioned the Art Creation Foundation for Children (ACFFC) to create four, 8 x 12 foot murals on the walls of a hospital in Jacmel, Haiti.
Schueler and True led a team of 15 young, talented Haitians to design and build these mosaic pieces out of tile and glass, aiding in the rehabilitation process of the only regional hospital (which had been damaged in the 2010 earthquake that struck the country). After eight days, and two completed murals, Schueler returned to the United States.
The Art Creation Foundation for Children (ACFFC) was founded in 2003 and works to provide food, clean water, medical care and an education to children living in Haiti.
Schueler states, “I felt so honored to be pulled in,” and to lead a group with the organization. The ACFFC is run entirely on a volunteer basis, and works to instruct children on different forms of art, as a means of promoting self-sustainability through art competency. In partnership with tourism agencies in Jacmel, the pieces that these kids create are then sold in local shops.
The four mosaics constructed by Schueler’s team served to teach this particular form of mural construction, and because of the efforts of these individuals, Jacmel is now “known for [its] mosaic walls.”
Schueler opened her studio, Wild Rose Artworks, in Bend in 2012. The location houses many functional pieces, such as benches and step-stools formed out of concrete, and is located near the Old Mill.
Within the Central Oregon region, Schueler continues to craft mosaic pieces for both public consumption and on a commissioned basis. She enjoys working with tile when constructing her works, as she appreciates the feel of the medium, and the way the light flows through the material.
In the future, the artist hopes to “work more toward doing architectural [pieces] and murals.” Schueler currently offers workshops at Wild Rose Artworks, during which glasswork is explored.

Rochelle Rose-Schueler
Wild Rose Artworks: Bldg. 13, 50 SE Scott St., Bend, OR 97702

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