Scalehouse Gallery New Exhibition 

(Artwork by local BIPOC artists | Images courtesy of Scalehouse Gallery)

Be Nice White … You’re in Bend:
Local Artists of Color Challenge the Narrative that Central Oregon has “No Diversity”
On View August 6-September 25, 2021

Scalehouse Gallery announces their new exhibition, Be Nice White… You’re in Bend: Local Artists of Color Challenge the Narrative that Central Oregon has “No Diversity.” This exhibition will open Friday August 6, and will be on view through Saturday, September 25. 

Be Nice White … You’re in Bend is produced by local BIPOC artists and aims to highlight the lived experience of BIPOC in the community and challenge the idea that Central Oregon is an area with “no diversity.” The art and space seeks to increase BIPOC visibility, promote reflection and connection; and see the region through a different lens by inviting visitors to share their ideas and confront their preconceptions as they experience and interact with the exhibit.

On opening night, the community is invited for an interactive exhibition where BIPOC visitors are invited to participate in the creation of one of the central pieces of art for the exhibit, Line In The Sand. Ten containers of different colored sand will be placed around an empty glass frame. Each of the colors of sand represents a challenging experience that BIPOC in our community might face, from microaggressions to violence or systemic oppression. BIPOC visitors are invited to take a scoop of the sand that represents their experience and place it in the frame. As the layers accumulate, a picture will form of the various lived experiences of BIPOC in our community. This installation will serve as a visual snapshot, documenting the collective experiences we have lived through as people of color here in Central Oregon. 

Media Artists: Bear P., Taemi I., Nutasha D., Amanda P., Michael Lee
Poets: A.C. Reyes, Vanessa R., Tita Jess, Brave Crow
Writing Contributors: Bear P., Megan K., Kelsey Freeman, Taemi I., Clara S., Jocelyn O., Aisha A., Kenny Adams, Mallory Duncan, Eduardo Romero, Wesley Heredia

In a community dominated by white voices despite thousands of BIPOC residents, COBIPOC brings together a diverse group of BIPOC people who seek strength in collective justice and mutual support. COBIPOC through its zine, Complex(ion), engages in art and writing as a meeting point, both within diverse BIPOC groups and as a connector between BIPOC and white communities, leaders, and institutions. Complex(ion) is a forum for BIPOC writers, artists, journalists, and community members to reclaim our beliefs, our lyrics, our pain, our bodies, our land, and our political fight

Scalehouse is a multidisciplinary contemporary arts center convening diverse thinkers for in-depth discussions, artistic collaborations, exhibitions and events, including Bend Design Week and Scalehouse Gallery. Scalehouse believes our shared future presents complex challenges and opportunities, not just benefiting from creativity but requiring it. We are committed to programming that’s accessible, provocative, extraordinary and inclusive — always with an eye toward a better future. 

Scalehouse is located in Franklin Crossing on Tin Pan Alley Side. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 1pm-6pm and by appointment.

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