SFF vs. Big Ponderoo — What’s the Difference?

Over the past several years the Sisters Folk Festival (SFF) team has been quietly dreaming of producing a new music festival that combines the world-class music and small town charm you’ve come to know and love at the Sisters Folk Festival with a fresh new vibe that also celebrates the thriving arts scene in Sisters. Thanks to the collective effort of our staff, that dream has come to fruition with the introduction of Big Ponderoo!

With 25 years of successful festivals behind us, our organization is ready to take on another challenge. Whether you’re a long-time SFF patron or a relative newcomer, you may be wondering: What’s different about the new festival? You might even be struggling to decide which of the two you should attend — and the answer is BOTH!

Here are the five key differences between the Sisters Folk Festival and Big Ponderoo, along with an idea of what to expect at each festival…
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