As sponsor of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show (SOQS), Laird Superfood is has created the 2018 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show “The Sport of Quilting Challenge”.

The Laird Superfood Sport of Quilting Challenge
Quilters are inspired to interpret symbols and logos that present Laird Superfoods to the world and how they relate to the Sport of Quilting. Laird Superfood products provide clean, nutrient-dense produces for optimal performance and healthy living.

The Laird Superfood Shaka Symbol embodies themes and elements critical to the Laird Superfood Brand essence. “Hawaii’s most well-known hand gesture is also known or referred to as the “hang loose” sign.  Though there is no literal translation or meaning for the shaka, it is most commonly used to convey the aloha spirit as a motion or greeting of thanks.”

The individual symbols within this shaka symbol represent:
First & Ring Fingers: Squiggly lines are actually Sea Algae-representing Laird’s “trace mineral” source, from calcified sea algae. Middle Finger: Lightning Bolt representing ENERGY.
Pinky Finger:  Coconut/Palm Tree—representing Laird’s base ingredient in their creamers and hydration products, Coconut Milk and Coconut Water.

The Laird Superfood Sport of Quilting Challenge Rules:  Artists are encouraged to explore, interpret, and illustrate the elements of optimal performance, healthy living, and sustainable energy and the Sport of Quilting.

The challenge is open to all quilters.

Quilt Registration Due: June 1st  All quilts must be entered into the SOQS quilt entry website by 5pm, PST,  Friday, June 1st, 2018.

The physical Quilts must be delivered to SOQS by:  June 22, to be juried. Location information for physical delivery will be provided to entrants on June 1.

Quilt Label:  Sew or securely attach name of quilt and your name to back of the quilt

Quilt Size:   40” x 40”

Premiere Location:  All quilts entered into The Sport of Quilting Challenge at Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, will be displayed on Saturday, July 14 in Sisters, Oregon.

BEST IN SHOW WINNER:  The Best in Show winning quilt will interpret the essence of the Laird Superfood brand:  Optimal Performance and Healthy Living.

CASH PRIZE:  The quilt chosen as “Best in Show” will be awarded a cash prize of $1,000 from Laird Superfood.   The quilt chosen as “Best in Show” will become property of Laird Superfood and travel to events and with celebrities, representing Laird Superfood.

Quilt Story: Each quilt must include a quilt story or artist’s statement of 200 words describing the creation of the work from inspiration and/or concept to final artwork.

Jurors: Representatives of Laird Superfoods and Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show will select the winner.
About Laird Superfood:  Laird Superfood was founded by serial entrepreneur Paul Hodge and Laird Hamilton, the world-renowned big-wave surfer. The company creates clean, nutrient-dense products free of preservatives and chemicals, which currently includes coffee, coffee creamer, and other performance/superfood supplements. Laird has 15 employees in Sisters and plans to build a production facility.

“These products provide the minerals and nutrients you need to sustain your energy and improve your performance,” Laird said. “It’s not just for extreme sports or for professional athletes like my wife, Gabby. They’re designed for anyone who’s looking to get a little more out of life… whether it’s a friendly game of tennis or an exhausting day at the office or a great day of surfing.”

About the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to mission is to educate the public about and to celebrate the art, skill, and heritage of quilting and fiber arts while enhancing the cultural vitality of the schools and community of Sisters and Central Oregon.

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