Linda Swindle Watercolors at Red Chair Gallery

Spontaneous Watercolors of Linda Swindle at Red Chair

Linda Swindle was an art education major and has maintained the desire to learn throughout her life.  She has been exposed to a variety of mediums and is presently involved with silk painting creating beautiful designs in her mixed fiber fabric arts.

She is an avid watercolor painter and loves the transparency, fluid movement, unexpected surprises and spontaneity the medium offers.

Linda often chooses animals for subject matter with lots of inspiration coming from her life on the ranch.  Her creatures can often be whimsical or more realistic depending on her mood.  Bold color is a mainstay for her work and she can also be found painting the local scenery whether that be at home or wherever she happens to be traveling.

“The reason I paint is to try and portray the beauty and humor I see in life.  Sometimes that means giving a cow a silly expression or painting horses with bold color.  The ultimate goal is to create a piece that will cause an emotional connection for the viewer.  when one of my paintings goes to the home of a collector, it warms my heart and I feel that a small part of myself has impacted the world of that buyer in a positive way.”

Most recently Swindle is using canvas rather than paper for her beautiful and often whimsical works.  This adds a new dimension to watercolor which once completed, is finished with an archival varnish or wax medium to preserve the piece.

Linda is a lifelong instructor and presently teaches classes at her studio in Powell Butte.  She teaches at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology in Lincoln City, Pacific Northwest Art School in Whidbey Island, Art Untraveled in Phoenix and other locations.

Swindle is one of the featured artists for July at the Red Chair Gallery and is a full time member exhibiting year round.

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