Sunriver Resort Lodge Betty Gray Gallery Presents Fall in the High Desert

The Sunriver Resort Lodge Betty Gray Gallery continues the quarterly art exhibitions series with the Fall Quarter Art  Exhibition opening September 6.  The exhibit features JM Brodrick, Joanne Donaca, Mary Rollins and Gary Vincent, continuing through November 12.

Fall in the High Desert artists include Brodrick, a romantic painter, who utilizes the landscape as background or subject in her skillful acrylic paintings.  Featuring subdued natural light in the colorful and expressionistic background imagery and realistic imagery such as horses or nature in the foreground, she creates an idealized environment of peaceful solitude.

The artist received numerous awards including Outstanding Acrylic in the 2016 Bold Brush Painting Contest  and Southwest Art magazine’s selection as Artist to Watch in 2015.   Brian Sherwin, art critic for Fine Art, noted, “I love the way she utilizes a mix of expressionism and realism—visually striking work.”  Brodrick’s work appears in collections including Atlantic Richfield, the Russian Federation Embassy in Washington, D.C. and the Global National Health Hospital in Tokyo.

Vincent’s expressionistic acrylic paintings reveal his admiration of nature and its brilliant color.  In Autumn Joy, his chosen subject of aspens begins to emerge from a strong and formless cerulean blue sky grounded by a muted coral background.  The sparse, bold yellow and orange strokes in the foreground create rhythm in the image and loosely define the tree’s leaves.

The artist notes that his creative process is highly intuitive, counter-balanced by the logical mind seeking to define the imagery-an interactive exchange between conscious thought and intuition.  Vincent also suggests that expressionistic or non-objective art is hence a constant exploration into the unknown, trusting the intuitive.   He experientially concludes, “Art is from the heart or it isn’t art.”

Additional artists appearing in the exhibition include Donaca with oil paintings of colorful fall cottonwoods along river banks and Rollins’s brightly colored, realistic watercolor scenes of rivers and streams.




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