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The 2017-18 season has had a wonderful beginning. Our first seasonal production of The Secret Garden directed by Victoria Kristy, was very well received, with excellent audiences,and a wonderful cast including many childrenand their parents from the local communityand La Pine. Involving children in our productions assists us in fulfilling one of our mission statements about providing theatrical educational experiences for local children.

This production was followed by The Night Before the Night Before Christmas, a Readers’ Theater presentation, depicted as a semi-staged radio show in front of a live audience. Directed by Susan Inman, this performance was a humorousand enjoyable preparation for the Christmas season.

Looking to the future, Sunriver Stars Community Theater will be performing Seniors of the Sahara in early March, which is a hysterical comedy directed by Gail Gibson. Sylvia Goldberg, a respectable school teacher brings home more than just souvenirs upon returning from her grandson’s wedding in Israel. Sylvia’s troubles begin when she realizes that the old teapot she purchased at an outdoor bazaar is actually a priceless relic containing a geriatric genie with a bad backand a penchant for vodkaand V8.

Keeping Eugene (Genie) secret from her friends at her home in Margate, New Jersey proves to be nearly as difficult as protecting herself from Eugene’s former master who wants him back… badly. Be careful what you ask for Sylvia. It just might come true.

Make plans now to attend this play. Seniors of the Sahara is a magical comedy for seniorsand juniors of all ages.

Also, in the planning stages for spring, is a theatrical education experience for children in the form of a workshop, allowing them to learn some basic theatrical terminologyand acting techniques. More on this in later editions.

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