Taylor Swift Give During the Cornovirus

There has been no shortage of feel-good stories surrounding celebrities during this pandemic outbreak. Everyone from famous athletes to movie stars has outreached within their charitable programs to ensure affected persons are receiving the support they need during this period of uncertainty.

The donation stories have come fast and furious, with large sums being forwarded to people in need. A professional baseball player contributed $1,000 to each player within his team’s farm league system to pay for food, shelter, and basic amenities.

Countless others have slashed their paycheck to cover the needs of others.

One superstar added her name to the list of many contributors in early April: Taylor Swift. Taylor has been known to share her fortunes in the past, donating to charitable organizations and companies that she has been associated with. Even though there aren’t a lot of Taylor Swift tickets being sold these, she is still very busy.

Taylor started her giving by taking to her social media platforms.

Taylor Swift on Social Media

Taylor Swift holds one of the largest social media followings across the globe. Her fans come from all corners of the earth, each with a different aspect of why they favorite her work and her thoughtful presence.

Many of these fans are termed as ‘Swifties’ for their contribution to her work and forwarding her songs and albums to the top of the charts. Once the coronavirus outbreak had reached the United States, her fans started to stir.

Many spent time sharing thoughtful messages of prayer and well wishes towards her during this time. Taylor was the first to place many thanks on top of these messages, creating posts and sharing content for keeping people safe and healthy.

A few accounts struck a chord with her. Select fans reached out to her, describing their call to action in this time of need. Many cited their inability to afford their rent, bills, or daily expenses due to being laid-off or without work at this time. Taylor took these messages to heart and was the first to act.

She sent private messages, mailed cards, and outreached to those who were in need of assistance. She delivered personal letters of encouragement, sent personal messages via her social media accounts, and even went above and beyond to send some of her fans checks.

She placed a personal message with each check that was mailed and delivered, amount to thousands of dollars on each occasion. Her small gift went on to impact and change the lives of many, a true sign of compassion and care for those who treat her so dearly and keep her so highly respected.

Gifting Small Businesses

Just a week before Taylor started dishing out care packages and attempts to relieve her fans on social media, she was making strides in other respects. She had ties to a couple of different record stores in Nashville.

Taylor Swift recounted her many visits to these stores when she was younger, so they held a special place within her heart. She paid these stores her respects by offering to cover over 3 months of medical and health payouts to their employees.

This health care coverage was often more then the associates could afford, so it was a welcomed sign for all parties that were involved.

Her efforts have helped uplift this small business and have gifted them the opportunity to keep all of their associates on the payroll, allowing to pay them for leave time midst this pandemic. This is nothing short of incredible for a story of relevance and good deed during this time of panic.

And Taylor Swift continues to lend her time. She remains in contact with some local companies, providing a source for hope in a time of need.

Taylor is still very active on her social media accounts, vowing to get in on the at-home concert series that has swept the web. She continues to work on songs and writes for her current projects and cites her fans as a good fallback for her during this time of uncertainty.

She has also vamped up her digital marketing efforts within this process, as this has become a means for preparing everyone to obey and serve their stay-at-home orders.

Her fan pages and her merchandise sites have outsourced to digital marketing agencies to offer exclusive promotions and release new deals for people to achieve free shipping on their orders. Just another small bit of her presence making a difference across the globe.

She will continue to source these outreach opportunities and stay active with her fans because she knows this represents a period that they require her assistance the most.

Look for more to come from these developments as this ongoing presence continues to place people within a bind and falling on harder times than they are used to.

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