The Museum at Warm Springs Hosts 28th Annual Tribal Member Exhibit

(Huckleberry Season Story video by Brutis Baez | Photo courtesy of The Museum at Warm Springs)

The 28th Annual Warm Springs Tribal Member Exhibit opened yesterday, November 2, at The Museum at Warm Springs. November is National Native American and Alaska Native Heritage Month.

The exhibit celebrates the artistic creativity and excellence of Warm Springs Tribal members. It will be on view through Saturday, January 8, 2022.

Twenty-seven Warm Springs artists are included in this year’s exhibit, which has more than 50 exquisite examples of paintings, drawings, mixed-media, beadwork, weavings, video, photography and more in two categories of Traditional and Contemporary Art. Selected artworks are available for sale with a 20 percent commission going toward the Museum. The exhibit is curated by Warm Springs Museum Curator and Exhibition Coordinator Angela Smith (Warm Springs, Yakama, Nez Perce and Navajo).

Susan Brunoe, longtime Museum member and supporter, was this year’s judge. Awards were given to the following artists:

Judge’s Choice Award:

Jaycelene Brisbois (Traditional Category) — Family Tradition Beaded Cape/Dress

Anthony Littleleaf  (Contemporary Category) — Shell Rock Acrylic/Oil Painting

Brutis Baez (Video Category)  — Wiwnu Huckleberry Season Story

Honorable Mention Awards:

Clarissa Picard — Iskintwa (Bearclaw Design), Beaded Necklace

Scott Kalama — Warrior, Music Video

Aurolyn Stwyer — A’xsh’axsh, Traditional Dentalium Dress

Rain Circle — Rose and her Grandchildren Declare War on Kevin, Acrylic Painted Hide

Sandra Danzuka — Mut Mus, Beaded Doll Baby Board

“Each year, we are proud to display the enormous talents of our local Warm Springs artists,” says Museum Executive Director Elizabeth A. Woody (Warm Springs, Yakama and Navajo). “This exhibit is our tribute to our community’s unique culture and heritage.”

Give to the Museum’s Year-End Campaign

Visit or mail your contribution postmarked by December 31, 2021 to The Museum at Warm Springs, P.O. Box 909, Warm Springs OR 97761. Consider a matching gift to one of The Museum’s partners, the Oregon Cultural Trust. A gift to the Trust (up to $500 for individuals, $1,000 for couples filing jointly and $2,500 for class-C corporations) is a tax credit, a dollar-for-dollar reduction for any Oregon taxes owed. Double the impact on Oregon culture; tax dollars that are redirected to the Trust support Oregon culture. The Oregon Cultural Trust is a generous supporter of The Museum at Warm Springs.

Museum Health and Safety Protocols During the Continuing COVID-19 Pandemic

The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Tribal Council requires all visitors and staff to wear masks while in the Museum. Other health and safety procedures are in place, which include allowing only a certain number of visitors in the Museum at a time and temperature checks at the entrance. All protocols are designed to keep the public and staff safe during the ongoing pandemic. • 541-553-3331

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