The Power of Humor

When humor goes, there goes civilization.
– Erma Bombeck


Taking ourselves seriously is a great advantage in business. Exuding a sense of confidence, control and respectability can open doors and attract new prospects, but in addition, cultivating a sense of humor can help you lower stress levels, interact more easily with others and even diffuse difficult situations.

Last April Cascade A&E took to the stage at the Tower Theatre with some of our friends and peers in the community. No, we aren’t performers or even have much stage presence, but as part of the first annual Bend Follies we dressed up as raisins and danced to I Heard it Through the Grapevine.

City Councilors, radio and TV personalities and other prominent Bend figures danced, sang, acted and told jokes in front of hundreds of people. It was terrifying but also exhilarating to let loose and laugh at ourselves, and it’s reassuring to know that some very respectable people in the community also have a sense of humor.

Once again the Bend Follies are set to tease and entertain on April 25 and 26 at the Tower Theatre. Established as a fundraiser for the Tower Theatre Foundation, audience members can use their dollars to vote for their favorite act, or purchase a “Shameless Plug” to be incorporated into a Follies sketch onstage.

So give it a try: laugh more, tell a joke or even get some pointers from the Bend Follies. According to Erma Bombeck, our civilization depends on it!

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