Three Little Birds from Rick Steber

Rick Steber, writing from Prineville, has more than 40 titles under his belt and sales of over a million books. Rick is the only Oregon author to have won the prestigious Western Writers of America Spur Award — Bend Western Novel. He is a keen observer of the changing American West and he articulates these changes in prose that are boldly descriptive, invigorating
and creative.

Three Little Birds — George Hooker’s name is placed on the organ donor list. While he waits, he is given a rescued Canada goose egg that he holds on his chest above his damaged heart. The egg hatches. The gosling imprints on George and he become Goose Daddy.

In a race against time, the burning question becomes whether or not George will live long enough to see the goose he names Tootie, reach maturity and fly away to join a migrating flock.

Three Little Birds weaves an intricate and true story as Tootie outgrows her awkward stages and learns to fly. George’s condition worsens. He is hospitalized and while he fights to stay alive he clings to the desperate hope a doctor will burst into his room and announce, “We have found you a new heart.”

But when that joyful moment does arrive, miles away, a grieving family is accompanying the body of their loved one to the operating room so the healthy organs can be recovered.

Suspenseful, gripping and wistfully compassionate, this story is awash in a cavalcade of emotions, as well as the unique bond formed between a man and a wild bird.

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