Tin Pan Alley Art Collection Expands to the Old Mill District

(Artwork above: Riparian by Sarah More)

Visit Bend public art collection places four new pieces

Visit Bend is expanding the Tin Pan Alley Art Collection to the Old Mill District with four new art pieces created by local artists.

The Tin Pan Alley Art Collection was introduced in 2012 by Visit Bend as an opportunity for visitors and residents to engage with art in public spaces. The program started in Bend’s Tin Pan Alley with four pieces and has grown to span the downtown corridor with more than 28 pieces, including the parking garage, the Breezeway, the back of the Tower Theatre and other downtown locations.

“We believe art should be part of our vibrant and diverse community,” said Kevney Dugan, president and CEO of Visit Bend. “Our natural setting and recreation offerings are what attract visitors to our community and we often hear how the City’s arts and cultural offerings enhance their experience while they are here.”
“It has always been our intention to grow the collection and we are thrilled to be expanding to the Old Mill District,” said Valerie Warren, vice president operations and policy.

Participating artists include Lisa Lubbesmeyer and Lori Lubbesmeyer; Sarah More; Megan Myers; and a community piece by Basecamp, a local arts studio providing arts’ programming for toddlers and adults.

“We are thrilled to see the Tin Pan Alley Art Collection expand to the Old Mill District,” said Noelle Fredland, Old Mill District marketing director.

The new pieces in The Old Mill District are:

You Have No Idea How Much You Mean to People by Lisa Lubbesmeyer and Lori Lubbesmeyer
You Have No Idea How Much You Mean to People was created with acrylic paint, graphite, compressed charcoal, lino block print and metallic media. As a collaborative team and twin sisters, we’re sensitive to how interconnected we are, and therefore, how much we all rely on community. Through the use of social media, we requested people’s words of aspiration, and incorporated them into our depiction of a neighborhood, creating a global community that represents our universal voice of optimism.

Lisa Lubbesmeyer and Lori Lubbesmeyer. The art of the Lubbesmeyer twins is a collaboration between a printmaker and oil painter, who work in all media but are largely known for their fiber art. The twins develop their imagery by working on alternate layers, without plan or discussion. The Lubbesmeyers are inspired by nature, music, personal stories, patterns of light, juxtapositions of old and new, architecture and travel. Their art encourages one to look outward as far and as wide as possible. The Lubbesmeyers’ work has won numerous awards, and is held in collections around the world. They are proud to reside and work in Bend.

Community Mural by Basecamp Studio
Base Camp Studio facilitated the painting of this piece by numerous Bend community members. Base Camp Studio is a local nonprofit arts and social service organization. Our mission is to provide a sustainable and supportive space that builds a healthy community by cultivating creativity, self-awareness, personal growth and interpersonal understanding through the arts. We offer unique studio-based programs, and partner with schools and other community groups to provide accessible open-ended art classes and Art Therapy programs focusing on young children and teens and including people of all ages and abilities. Our community events are designed to cultivate creativity and build community.

This painting was created during a First Friday event in Downtown Bend on June 2 last year. Community members were invited to add their circle to the painting. The circle is a symbol of connection, community, inclusion, oneness and life. Painters of all ages added their mark, connecting the community and cultivating the creativity in all of us.

The Pack by Megan Myers
Megan Marie Myers is a painter, illustrator and native Oregonian. Her painting studio is walking distance from downtown Bend. When she is not painting, she is exploring the Oregon outback. The characters in her work roam through Oregon landscapes, inspired by our region’s mountains, forests, deserts, rock formations and rivers. Myers typically features children and animals as her central figures. Her intention is to represent the limitless sense of wonder, the yearning to explore and the resilience that each of us carry within. Her paintings explore themes of companionship, protections, wilderness and the greatest adventure of all, love.
The Pack is an offering of gratitude to the first exquisite dusting of snow and an acknowledgement of the elegance in our relationship with nature. Above all, it celebrates our companions, our families, our packs.

Riparian by Sarah More
Sarah Helen Moregrew up in Portland and Houston, Texas. She holds an MFA from the Cranbrook Academy of Art and a BFA in textile design from the Rhode Island School of Design. She has worked as a studio assistant to Takashi Murakami in his Long Island City, New York studio, and as an adjunct professor of art history at Penn State University and various small college campuses throughout Pennsylvania. Her clients include the University of Michigan, Digital Kitchen and 10 Barrel Brewing Co., and her work has been shown at the Society of Illustrators in New York City.

Riparian was inspired by the vibrant hues of Bend’s sunsets, the meandering calm of the Deschutes River and the energy that emits from the shops and restaurants that line the river along the Old Mill. This piece embodies the natural and manmade synergy between one of the city’s most dynamic riparian areas.

Visit Bend is a non-membership, nonprofit economic development organization dedicated to promoting tourism on behalf of the City of Bend.

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