Tips For Getting Started As A New Recording Artist             

While the music industry is fun and exciting, it’s also a competitive business with a lot of different people trying to be seen and heard. You can’t expect to be discovered overnight necessarily, and there are no promises made to you as to how far you’ll get, no matter how much work and effort you put in.

What you can’t do is sit back and wait for a big break. You have to go out there and create one for yourself. It may all feel strange at first, but give yourself a chance to adapt and adjust before you determine if it’s a good fit for you. Use these tips to help you get off to the right start as a recording artist trying to make it in the music business.

Secure New Connections & Always be Networking

Being the new kid on the block is hard, so make it easier on yourself by being proactive about creating new connections and meeting people who can help you get your foot in the door. Attend events, use social media and do your own homework to find and mingle with individuals who’ve been in the industry a while and know what they’re doing. Getting your name out there through word of mouth is an excellent advertising channel for you to utilize as you try to cut through all the noise. Always remember to follow up and stay in touch with those you meet along the way because you never know when you’ll need someone’s assistance.

Start Making Music

The only way to truly make it big in the music business is to have your talents recognized and discovered by those who can actually get your career going. What you do have control over is your music, so you should read more here about buying instrumental beats to sing over or with as you try to showcase what you’re all about to others. This will give you an edge up on the competition and provide the right atmosphere for producing music that’s moving. It allows you to perform even though you’re just starting out and don’t have all the equipment and resources you need. Put together songs and tracks and then upload them to places like YouTube so people can begin listening to your music and recognizing your talents.

Know your Strengths & Audience

This is a good time to explore your strengths and do more of what you’re good at. It’s not smart to spread yourself too thin and try to do it all in this case. If you’re a singer and you play the piano well then work on perfecting these specific skills and not trying to do it all. Also, create and study who your target audience is and make sure you’re not only making music that you enjoy but that satisfies your listeners too. You can’t expect to be a successful recording artist if you’re trying to please everyone and have too broad of a reach where it prevents you from focusing in on the people who truly care about your music.

Work on Creating A Personal Brand

You’re not only a recording artist, but you’re a brand, and you need to know how to market yourself appropriately. Think about your style, clothing and overall persona as you begin to narrow down how you want to portray yourself to the public. People are going to want to know what type of person you are, the other types of brands you’re endorsing such as clothing lines and what kinds of music you enjoy listening to. Opening accounts on social media is a great way for you to share with your fans and allow them to get to know you better. It’s a good idea to work with your manager to help you create your personal brand to avoid any misunderstandings with your fans.

Find Resources & People to Help you

You need to build a team around you that you can trust is going to guide you in the right direction as you begin your career as a recording artist. Be smart about the people you associate with and let in your circle if you want to be happy and successful. Remember not everyone is going to be on your team or rooting for you and you have to distance yourself from these crowds and be discerning about who you work with. Also, go online and do your own research about what you should know and tips for new recording artists. Read blogs, magazines and interviews to help you better understand the business and learn from the best.

Get some Experience

While your goal should always be to land the most rewarding gig, many musicians start small and work their way to the top slowly. Take gigs that make sense for your brand and type of music, but don’t turn down opportunities because you feel like they’re beneath you. You never know who will catch wind of your music or what experiences may be the ones to jumpstart your career. The most important point is that you gain experience playing for crowds of people and get your music heard in public. Work hard and expect that you’ll eventually feel pretty exhausted from all the playing you’ve been doing, but know this is a good step in the right direction for you.

Remain Patient

As you’re getting started as a new recording artist, it’s important you stay patient and not give up on yourself too quickly. Getting the credit you deserve takes time and may not happen right away for you. Focus on your health and taking care of yourself most importantly and the rest will fall into place if this is the path meant for you. Read stories of other recording artists and the struggles they’ve been through to keep yourself motivated and thinking positively as you charge forward.


Use these tips for getting you started in the music business and better understanding what to expect. Keep in mind that your dreams may not come to life overnight, but that doesn’t mean you should quit. Let your passion for music help you stay focused and on track to finding much success and happiness doing what you love.

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