The Top 3 ATV Trails in Oregon

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) make an excellent introduction into the broader world of power sports. ATVs give the rider a feeling of power and control that will be familiar to anyone who has ever ridden such a vehicle. It’s the same rush that many bikers experience. The difference with an ATV is that the rider can take more risks, as the chances of crashing are less severe.

The state of Oregon, with its expanses of beautiful, lush forests, is the perfect venue for a network of ATV trails. The state doesn’t disappoint in this regard, in fact, Oregon is one of the best states in the entire USA for ATV riders. But trying to find the right trail for you isn’t easy. Sure, you can go out and ride it and just see how it handles, but if it’s not good, then you find yourself having to slog round it anyway.

In this guide, we take a quick look at three of the best ATV trails in the state of Oregon. These trails each offers something different, but any of them would make a fine choice for anyone looking to get the most out of their next ATV ride. If you are new to ATV riding, then any of these trails will make an excellent starting point. Check out Power Sports and More to discover more power sports that you might like.

Albany Motor Sports Park

One of the main appeals of this track is that it is regularly being changed, and so offers something slightly different on each visit. The guys who are maintaining it clearly know what they are doing, as they do a fantastic job of keeping the track clear of rock and dust. Practices are usually on a Wednesday evening, kicking off at 3 pm, and continuing until dwindling light impairs safety. At the weekends, the track is open from 10 am to 3 pm, provided the weather allows for it. In addition to the outdoor ATV track, Albany Motor Sports Park is also home to a flat track, kart racing, and also hosts drag racing events.

Blue Mountain OHV Trails

The Blue Mountain OHV Trails are located in the gorgeous Wallowa-Whitman National Forest. The main OHV trail stretches out over an impressive 50 miles, with a number of short side loops found along its length. Generally, the ground beneath riders here is packed hard, making for a smooth and solid riding surface. Access to various points of the trail system is through three designated campgrounds. These grounds border the trail system; if you feel like taking a break at any point, you can wander through them to find fishing grounds and a tranquil river to sit by.

Blue Ridge Trails

Here is another set of impressively well-maintained trails. Most of them are single track, multi-use trails. The scenery consists of thick patches of forest vegetation, tree roots twisting in and out of the earth, and a whole lot of forest. When it rains, the most heavily forested areas can become boggy and muddy very quickly. Combined with a much slower drainage time than usual, and what you have is an area that becomes waterlogged rapidly but dries out only slowly.

There are also some fantastic trails in Deschutes National Forest.

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