Top 5 Basketball Games

Are you a fan of football or basketball? Then you definitely know what championships are taking place these days and how to install 22Bet app. But do you know the best PC games about your favorite sports events? Keep reading to find the best basketball games for your PC.

Basketball Battle

Basketball Battle is one of the best arcade basketball games. The player needs to win a one-on-one duel and throw the ball into the ring in a certain amount of time. The controls in the game are simple enough, and the graphics are unlikely to surprise anyone. Yet, Basketball Battle has a great pace and a simple but fascinating concept. In the game, you can compete with your friend in split-screen mode, but we advise you to use this feature only on very big smartphones and tablets. The main disadvantage of the simulator is the need to buy additional content.

Bouncy Basketball

Bouncy Basketball is another arcade basketball game. It can be called a poor man’s copy of NBA Jam. The settings of the match can be changed, you can play four periods up to 90 seconds long. So, one game will not take more than six minutes, which is good for the arcade genre. The simulator also offers simple controls, replays, the ability to unlock and customize characters and more. Bouncy Basketball is a game to kill a few minutes in line or on public transport. The app is completely free, but you’ll have to view ads occasionally.

Dude Perfect 2

Dude Perfect is a worldwide YouTube channel with videos of incredible throwing accuracy. The game under this brand is not much different in concept. You need to throw the ball into the ring, passing many obstacles. The game is not difficult, but it will do perfectly to occupy yourself for a few minutes. Also, there are different challenges and the ability to unlock new characters in the game. Technically, it’s not exactly a basketball simulator, but you still throw the ball to the basket, so Dude Perfect 2 made our list.

Basketball Games by Ketchapp

Ketchapp has several arcade basketball simulators. None of them can be called outstanding, but all of them are worthy of making our list. Among them are Dunk Shot, Dunk Line, and Ketchapp Basketball. All of these simulators are very simple and are solely a way to kill a few minutes. The graphics are not outstanding, even by the standards of the genre. The gameplay is also simpler than the other simulators on the list. The simplicity of these games is their main advantage and disadvantage, with time you will get bored playing them. Plus, free basketball simulation games from Ketchapp will make you watch commercials from time to time.

ESPN Fantasy Sports

ESPN Fantasy Sports is one of the best fantasy basketball apps out there. You can play with your friends, join random leagues with strangers and do everything fantasy leagues are known for: buy, sell and trade players, sign free agents, pick up next week’s roster, manage your team and interact with other managers in the app. In general, this is everything you could want from a simulator like this. The downside is that sometimes there are bugs in the app. So, it is advisable to sometimes log in from your PC and check the lineup for the next week.

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