Toriizaka Art Hosts Artist Lim Khim Katy

(Piece by Lim Khim Katy)

Toriizaka Art will be hosting Lim Khim Katy in the gallery from September 20-29. Katy is an exceptionally talented arts who, over the past two decades, has been painting with immense passion and dedication. Her history includes numerous awards and honors as well as solo and group exhibitions in Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Hanoi, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh City, London, New York and Toronto.

Beginning as a chronicler of the lives and struggles of the rural and urban poor in Saigon and the surrounding Mekong Delta, Katy’s figurative works have most recently focused on family scenes that radiate warmth and approachability. Her landscapes continue to represent dreams of tranquility and peace.

Katy’s exceptional technical skills have never been more apparent than in the heightened realism on display in her latest works. She says, “The series of paintings that I have made since 2019 are my best to date. When my technique was still ‘young,’ there were certain visual and academic things that limited me. I needed to paint, to read, to be sensitive and get hurt by life; all these factors were absorbed and helped build the reserve of compassion I called upon to create this body of work.”

“I continue to use trowels to paint my landscapes — it is simpler and less time consuming since the tools can easily be used to create many wonderful effects. However, for the figurative pieces in this exhibition, I used brushes to create tremendous detail. The work demanded much of me — subtle observation of colors, light and shadow, adeptness of my hand coupled with the emotions of my heart. All of these elements were combined in harmony, perseverance, and unity every day while in the process of making the paintings. The hardest part was to have the patience to achieve my vision while waiting to see the final results.”

Though she has been working as a professional artist for twenty years, Katy approaches each day of painting with eagerness and exhilaration. She says, “I am on a journey to discover my art’s spirit and am amazed every day. When I finish a painting, I feel that I want to improve on the next one. After 20 years, I am still seeking to create my best work.” Katy recent immigrated to the United States from Vietnam and is currently settling into her new life. Her talent and determination assure us that she will be delighting the world with outstanding work for many years to come.

Katy will be painting in the gallery from September 20-29 and will be present for the Sisters 4th Friday Artwalk on September 22 and for the Sisters Artist’s Studio Tour on September 23 and 24. • 222 West Hood Avenue, Sisters

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