Touring Indie Folk Musician Anna p.s. to Perform in Bend

(Anna p.s.)

 “Anna and her music are one and the same. Both are genuine. Both are honest. Both are irresistible. You’ll love the simple and true emotion of her songs, her spare instrumentation and the plaintive clarity of her vocals. As a bonus, if you get the chance to see her perform live and to chat with her, you’ll love her, too.” — Al Kniola, The Back Porch, 88.1 WVPE Public Radio

Since July of last year, Anna p.s. has spent most of her months on the road traversing the Midwest, Southeast, Northeast and everywhere in between. She is currently embarking on her longest and furthest tour yet that will land her in central Oregon in the middle of the journey.

Anna p.s. hit the road in 2016 for the release of first her full-length album, Umbrella. She grew up in southern Pennsylvania, began her music career with Shiny Shiny Black in Northern Indiana, then set out on her own to pursue a solo music career. Her second album, In The Void, was released on CD and vinyl in July of 2019.

Connection is at the core of the Anna p.s. project. It is a theme throughout her emotive, old-souled music. She has been interviewed on WVPE’s, The Back Porch (South Bend, IN), and LCC’s The Coffee Break (Lansing, MI) and calls home many venues, and people, between the Midwest and the East. Her voice and style has been compared to Norah Jones, Sharron Van Etten and Tracey Chapman.

Anna p.s. will be performing at the following nearby venues:

  • March 18, 6pm at Bend Brewing Company
  • March 19, 7pm at Spoken Moto
  • March 21, 8pm at Velvet Lounge

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