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Volcanic Theatre Hosts Multi-Media CD Release of Third Seven’s WHITE VERSVS BLAK

Third Seven recordings will be releasing its 30th album with a multi-media art and music performance. Visual art installation by local artist, Christian Brown and special musical guests including Jason Graham, Alex Rios, Woebegone, LAHF, Rachel Lee Carmen and other friends. Friday, May 8 at 8pm.

Billy Mickelson, AKA Third Seven is embarking on a quandary: one of darkness and light.
Being an independent musician in today’s culture is a challenging undertaking. It requires a steadfast belief system and a lot of heart. Billy has been beating the odds – a native of Bend, he has been traveling and touring the world for the last three years giving audiences a taste of a new genre of modern cello music. With melodies that range from haunting to deeply moving and uplifting, Billy’s shows are an experience.

In his latest album, White Versvs Blak, Billy explores the dichotomy of ethereal melody in the first two thirds of the record, followed by an ode to his black metal roots in the last third.

On May 8th, Third Seven will release White Versvs Blak in a multi-media show at the Volcanic Theater Pub. Special guests include members of local favorites Larry and His Flask, Mosley Wotta and other surprise artists who will take the stage in a collaborative explosion. Pairing with the album’s theme is the Workhouse’s latest artist in residence, Christian Brown. Brown’s an alchemist of the craft. His large scale pen and inks explore the necessity of both light and dark to reveal what only the two together can create- pure magic. Doors open at 8pm and will be filmed for a DVD release.

Friday, May 8 at 8pm.
$5 at the door.
For further information please contact Jill Hodgson,

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