Watermedia: The Multi-Uses of Water in Art

Acrylic, Pen & Ink, Printmaking and Watercolor Art By Shari Crandall

Sun Crane Enterprises is pleased to join the Redmond Senior Center in presenting works by local artist, Shari Crandall, during the month of February 2018.  The exhibition titled “Watermedia: The Multi-Uses of Water in Art” features acrylic, pen & ink, printmaking and watercolor works by Ms. Crandall. The Redmond Senior Center is located at 325 NW Dogwood Avenue, Redmond.

Shari Crandall created Sun Crane Enterprises as a vehicle for her artistic expression. The Sun and the Crane each symbolize creative and joyful expression and are often united in Asian art forms.

As a child, Shari gloried in the sun’s light and warmth. As an adult studying mythology, older customs and traditions, Shari learned that the Sun was seen by many cultures as a universal symbol of light illuminating the life source of the creative.

Many myths link the Sun with the Crane. Once considered the bird of the Sun God, Apollo, the Crane was heralded as a messenger symbolizing wisdom, inspiration and creativity.

As her company’s name implies, Shari sees art as the expression of the unfathomable creative source that resides within each of us. For this exhibition, Ms. Crandall emphasizes the connectivity between these images and the art she creates. If the Sun and the Crane equal creativity, then the use of water, the source of all life, completes the circle.

For more information concerning “Watermedia: The Multi-Uses of Water in Art “contact shari.crandall@gmail.com. Additional images are available upon request. To see more of Ms. Crandall’s art, visit her website at: www.zhibit.org/sharicrandall.

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