5 Things You Will Need Before Bringing a Dog Home

Are you planning to add a new puppy or dog into the family? If so, you will need to ensure you have the right products to welcome a pet pooch. Check out the five things you will need before bringing a dog home.

  1. A Dog Crate

A dog crate will provide your new canine companion with a safe space to call their own in your home. What’s more, it can ensure your pet is kept free from injury and prevented from chewing on your furniture when you’re away. Teach your dog from day one that their crate is their own personal, safe space that he or she is free to sleep in. It also makes transporting your pet from A to B much easier. However, you should visit Pet Crates Direct to find the right sized crate for your dog’s weight, height, and breed.

  1. Food

Prevent your puppy or dog from feeling hungry by buying the correct dog food before they arrive home. A fresh bowl of food will provide the perfect welcome, which will help your new family member to settle in with ease. However, ensure you buy nutritious food that is ideal for your dog’s age, breed, and size.

  1. Dog Toys and Chews

Build a strong relationship with your pet from the moment they arrive by providing them with an array of toys. It doesn’t matter if you are welcoming a puppy or an older canine, toys and chews will provide hours of fun for your pet. Stock up on a variety of toys to provide them with endless entertainment, and you can also learn more about his or her personality from the start, as they will love hiding chews, enjoying a game of fetch, or chewing on items.

  1. A Leash and Collar

Buying a leash and collar in advance will allow you to take your pet for a walk once they arrive. It’s also a wise idea to get extra leashes, which you should place both within your home and car, so you will always have an extra set if you should lose or break a leash. Also, it is wise to add ID tags onto the collar, so your pooch will always have proper identification should he or she become lost – never add your dog’s name to it though, so that a thief won’t be able to sound familiar with it, just your contact details are sufficient.

  1. A Vet

It’s always a smart idea to find the best veterinarian within the local area before you get your dog. This will provide you with peace of mind that your pet can receive immediate medical attention, if required. You should also meet with a vet to establish an emergency plan should something happen to your pup. Once your pet joins the family, take him or her along to the vet whilst well, as this will make him or her feel more comfortable when sick or injured.

Do you have any helpful tips for welcoming a pet pooch into the family home? Share your advice and experience by writing a comment below.

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