A Lie Nation, Alienation Opening in the At Liberty Theater

(Ka’ila Farrell-Smith’s A Lie Nation, Alienation opens Thursday, July 9. | Photo courtesy of At Liberty)

Ka’ila Farrell-Smith (American, Klamath, Modoc) presents ​​A Lie Nation, Alienation, opening Thursday, July 9 in the historic At Liberty Theater.

Farrell-Smith is a contemporary Klamath Modoc visual artist based in Modoc Point, Oregon. The conceptual framework of her practice focuses on channeling research through a creative flow of experimentation and artistic playfulness rooted in Indigenous aesthetics and abstract formalism. Utilizing painting and traditional Indigenous art practices, her work explores space in-between the Indigenous and western paradigms. Ka’ila displays work in the form of paintings, objects and self-curated installations.

At Liberty Theater is located at 849 NW Wall Street in downtown Bend. For more information, please visit atlibertyarts.com/kailafarrellsmith, email to info@atlibertyarts.com or call 458-206-3040.

The theater is open Thursday through Saturday 1-6pm or Sunday through Tuesday by appointment.


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