(Photo above: “Long Ago and Far Away”, watercolor by Dorothy Moniz)

……and our two featured artists for March certainly personify this principle. A piece of the beauty and nature that surrounds us can be felt and seen in each of these works of art.

Join us March 10 from 4-6pm and meet many of the 30 Artists’ Gallery local artists….enjoy some food and wine and soak in all the art! The Gallery has some new exciting artists and we’re continually making changes to our gallery design…..every month brings a new look!

Marily Badger is a fourth generation Hawaiian who has been a glass artist for over 30 years. She has lived in Central Oregon with her husband and son since 2010 and joined the gallery in 2012.

In Marily’s words, “Everyone has a passion, and mine is glass. From stained glass in college, evolving to intricately etched and deeply carved office doors, lobby mirrors and windows….spanning over three decades, to fused glass which brings me back to the brilliant colors, The way the glass catches the light, and the endless design options. The predictable way that glass changes form at various temperatures and the chemical reactions between certain colors is endlessly fascinating to me. I think my current ‘tack fuse’ is my favorite by far because it allows me to create dimensional pieces with layers and jewels and other embellishments that add uniqueness to the pieces I create.” Pictured: Lady of the Woods….including a beautiful contemporary metal stand.

Dorothy Moniz is one of the original gallery artists and her work has been a collector’s favorite over these past eight years. Dorothy’s pieces are a combination of watercolors, fabric art and collage.

Pictured is a watercolor titled Long Ago and Far Away. This piece was inspired by a photo she took while driving in Eastern Oregon on Highway 395. It was an old home that was long ago abandoned. The sky was beautiful that day as were the hills and grasses. The piece is a combination of watercolor and colored papers.

Another piece is all fabric and inspired by a single piece of fabric Dorothy saw in a quilt shop….it just called to her to use it to form the beautiful sky in this landscape piece….it just evokes Central Oregon’s beautiful landscapes.

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