Artists’ Gallery of Sunriver Welcomes The New Year

What greater way to welcome the New Year than by visiting the Artists Gallery of Sunriver to view new art pieces by featured artists. You can celebrate with these talented artists at the monthly artist’s reception on January 11 from 3-6pm featuring Vanessa Julian, Diane Miyauchi, Shirley Checkos and Ken Medenbach.  


Come by and enjoy wine and beer, food, and beautiful art.


sunriver1Vanessa Julian’s art offerings include paintings, spectacular art boxes, and unbelievably detailed and comical art jewelry pins. All of Vanessa’s pieces include the whimsical and zany attitude that her admirers love. Regardless of her subject matter, people or animals, her art will bring a smile to your lips.


Diane Miyauchi provides the gallery with a wide variety of beautiful pottery pieces, most of which are functional as well. If you are going to be entertaining during the New Year holidays, a serving platter or bowl from Diane’s collection will really make any event special. Some of the pottery is glazed in cool greens and blues while other pieces are fire red and orange.


Other artists being featured in January offer the opportunity to “run away without leaving home.”


Shirley Checkos’ beautiful paintings are partial to animals with eyes that can look into your soul. This month one of her new paintings depicts a young girl who proudly holds her baby llama. As you admire the artist’s ability to depict detail, it is almost as if you can feel the fluffy texture of the llama’s fur. Viewing this painting can whisk you off to a village in Peru.


Ken Medenbach’s carved wood art is perpetually popular at the gallery. There is nothing like a grouping of hand carved pine trees or a shiny pine salmon or trout to take your mind away to some of those special moments when you were enjoying the Sunriver outdoors.


Whether you are just enjoying the holidays or are looking for a special art piece to remember your time in Sunriver, visiting the Artists Gallery of Sunriver is the ticket.

57100 Beaver Dr., 541-593-2127 or 541-593-8274,

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