Photography by Pat Ortley

Artwork that Touches the Community Exhibition at Partners in Care Gallery


The Arts in Care Gallery is dedicated to exhibiting fine art that explores the therapeutic connection between human creativity and the healing arts. Their mission statements explains how, “art has the rare ability to mend social, psychological and physical ills by building community, inspiring change and celebrating life.” The rotating displays are intended to feature artwork that speaks to the larger community and the desire to educate, empower and cultivate caregivers, families and patients alike.
“This space is not just a gallery,” explains gallery coordinator Marlene Moore Alexander. “Patients, families, caregivers and outside community members use this room for various reasons.” The atmosphere is set by the artwork in the gallery, and therefore brings the space alive.
This month two artists are featured at the Partners in Care gallery, photography by Pat Ortley and jewelry by Marianne Prodehl.
Pat Ortley retired from teaching art in order to pursue her many artistic interests. “It is clear to me that the older I get, the more complicated my interests become,” Ortley explains. “I don’t go out into the desert anymore, and instead I challenge myself by painting the subjects from my mind.” When it comes to her inspirations, Ortley explains that music plays a huge role. “The way my mind is stimulated by music is similar to the way I interact with art,” she says. “These photographs I take of junk cars are completely untouched in the sense that I see objects that I’m visually attracted to and then take photos. The lines and composition come alive before my eyes.”
PIC2Marianne Prodehl in a similar vein uses “junk metal” and transforms it into beautiful jewelry. “I started out welding garden art and cutting things up from the garage,” says Prodehl. “I’ve been creating things all of my life.” Her strategy for making jewelry is finding designs that she is interested in and then learning new processes for executing those designs. “It’s an incredibly complicated process to learn to set stones, especially for rings. But now that I have learned, my goal is to get faster at it!” she says. Prodehl is an artist at The Workhouse and shows her work any various craft shows, festivals and trunk shows.
These artists will be showing their work through March, and artwork is available for purchase.

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