Bang, Bang, You’re Dead!

BEAT (Bend Experimental Art Theatre) is offering a new addition to its performing art workshops called the Young Director’s Series.  Bang, Bang, You’re Dead! is the first show in this series which gives young students of performing arts the experience responsibility of producing directing a full length play under the umbrella of BEAT (this direction was inspired by Rever Theatre).

Bang, Bang, You’re Dead! is written by William Mastrosimone, directed by Trey Hansen  produced by Parker Daines.

The project began as a simple search for a show, but slowly progressed into a mission. When BEAT chooses a show, the script committee makes sure the show has a meaningful undertone. As Trey Parker began to dissect the script of Bang, Bang, You’re Dead!, the more they read, the more driven they became to express a moral.

Trey expressed, “Good shows are a dime a dozen, but a great show that alters the mindset of the public is rare.” Everyone has been bullied in some form at some point in their lifetime. It might have happened the first day in kindergarten or recently from a verbally abusive boss.  Harassment occurs frequently in many forms, some obvious some very subtle. Yes, everyone has experienced life on the outside of the perceived inner circle.”  

Trey Parker agreed on this play because it made them both think about how people respond to someone that is considered different decided something’s got to change. Change usually follows an awareness of our actions towards others, hopes this play will help us each to take inventory.

Bang, Bang, You´re Dead! opens in Josh´s jail cell after he has killed his parents five classmates. The ghosts of those classmates dem to know why he killed them. I didnt know it would be forever. I thought it was “bang, bang you’re dead” I thought I could just hit the reset button start over. This play is a striking look at bullying in schools, in hopes of awakening our community to the importance of human relationships.

Trey Parker want the audiences to hear the story of a high school shooting entirely from the perspective of high school students, but the overall goal is for the public to truly recognize bullying in each of its many forms, bring an end to it. A version of the golden rule put into modern, non-religious terms that people can live by is; “Treat people the way you’d like to be treated.”


Bang, Bang, You’re Dead!
2nd Street Theater
August 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 7pm
August 7, 13, 14,  2pm or 541-419-5558
Adult $15    
Student $10 (18 younger)
Reserved Seating

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