Bend, Oregon Voice Artist Narrates Latest Oz Adventure “The Giant Chinchilla of Oz”

Have you ever wondered what has been happening in Oz since L. Frank Baum’s chronicles of the fairyland ended?  Fast forward to the present day and follow the adventures of eleven-year old Jason Brandt as he stumbles into Oz and meets Harvey the Squid (a retired cab driver) and Button-Bright (who can’t remember his real name), and acquires a pet Expanding Giant Chinchilla (for use in emergencies). Together this foursome must overcome The Two Weevils (Less and Greater, of course), The Spin Doctor, the weird inhabitants of Stationery City, and other dangers to bring a warning to the Emerald City before it’s too late.

Barbara Rich, of Richcraft Studios, stumbled into her own Oz adventure by winning the privilege to narrate The Giant Chinchilla of Oz.  A lifelong Oz fan, Rich was captivated by the chance to bring to life this exciting, funny, thought-provoking and clever mixture of L. Frank Baum, Norton Juster (The Phantom Tollbooth), and Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.  Rich says, “As a kid, I had the movie version of The Wizard of Oz memorized, character voices, animal sounds and all, so it is a thrill to be able to bring a new Oz adventure to life!”

Filled with jokes and sly commentary on everything from our Internet-obsessed society to the world of fashion design, The Giant Chinchilla of Oz has something for listeners of all ages.

Author Andrew J. Heller is a retired criminal defense attorney who has written (or committed) three alternate histories, one concerning the First World War (Gray Tide in the East) and a sequel (Gray Tide 2:Tidal Effects), and another dealing with the consequences of an American Civil War in which the Confederacy won its independence (If the North Had Won the Civil War).

He has several Oz credits (or debits) beginning with The Giant Chinchilla of Oz. He is the co-author with L. Frank Baum of King Rinkitink (Baum, having deceased in 1919, raised no objections), the short story “Puppet Mistress of Oz”, wherein the secret machinations of Glinda the Good (Good? Hah! That’s a laugh!) are at last laid bare, which will be included in the forthcoming Lost Tales of Oz anthology, of which he is a co-editor, is presently at work on another Oz novel (without L. Frank Baum), a prequel to Puppet Mistress, and is responsible for several more Oz stories which have mercifully faded during his second- (or possibly third –childhood; he can’t remember which), and has never written a longer sentence than this one, that he can recall.

He is the father of two adult children and a chinchilla, and now divides his time between raising Madagascar Giant Hissing Cockroaches for the overseas disgusting bug trade and folding himself up inside a sofa-bed and pretending he is an astronaut in the Mercury space program.

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The Giant Chinchilla of Oz is available on Amazon, iTunes and Audible.

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