Dee McBrien-Lee Explores Everything That Makes Us Being Human

Modern life is complicated and the issues that touch our lives cover a broad spectrum.  Dee McBrien-Lee’s newest show at Red Chair Gallery, Being Human,  looks at a variety of topics affecting us on both a conscious and subconscious level.

Using brilliant color and multiple layers of acrylic, Dee has painted a body of work that will entice you to look beyond the obvious.  Her latest work combines pre- conceived ideas with spontaneous surprises and the results are first rate. The show features modern and abstract nudes combined with a series of complimentary non-objective abstracts.

“I wanted to focus on some of the pressures of the day as  well as some of the more heated issues.  “Question of Balance” for example, is meant to address the idea that we have difficulty achieving balance in our lives.  Work, children, family and politics are all examples of things that can cause us stress or make us forget to take time for ourselves. We need balance in our lives to remain healthy and happy.”

The show includes works that celebrate the pure joy of life as in the colorful and energetic  Saxy Music.    “For me, Saxy Music is one of the most joyful paintings in the Being Human show.  It began as a series of shapes and warm, even hot colors.  As it evolved, it reminded me of hot summer nights with smoldering jazz music.  Once I got to that point, it was easy to complete the piece”

A variety of topics are addressed in McBrien-Lee’s work and most of the paintings are not meant to champion any particular side.  Evolution vs. creationism, depression and body image  are just a sampling.  Issues aside, each piece stands alone as an accomplished work of art.

Dee McBrien-Lee is an artist/partner at the Red Chair Gallery in Bend and her show runs through September.  See her complete body of work at

Red Chair Gallery

103 NW Oregon Ave.


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