Exploring Oregon’s Culturally Diverse Entertainment

If there is one thing which can be said about the State of Oregon, it is a state that known for its cultural diversity. It is a land where far-right conservatives live side-by-side with far-left liberals and there is something culturally attractive to people from all walks of life. From young people enjoying the nightlife in Portland to professionals who spend time on the golfing greens found on atthetee.com, there is always something entertaining to see and do. If you planning a trip to Beaver State this summer, you will find the population and attractions to be culturally diverse. Here is just a taste of what you might want to explore.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival (Ashland, Oregon)

Just north of the California border on I-5, the city of Ashland is home to the world-famous Shakespeare Festival where shows are held in open air amphitheaters for nine months of the year. Only closed in the winter months, this is a highlight for anyone traveling up the West Coast on the I5 corridor. You can book tickets online, but know that some shows sell out quickly and many are already sold out throughout the season.

A Stop at Historic Markers Along the Oregon Trail

One thing you will surely want to do is visit some of the markers along the historic Oregon Trail. While open for settlers to the region in 1842, some of the stops along the way are well-noted. If you are looking for a bit of history, check out some of the places along the trail that were home to some of the most notable Native American tribes like the Chinook, Klamath, and Umpqua tribes. When it comes to cultural diversity from a historical perspective, this is the place to learn about how settlers from the east encountered native peoples of the region in the west.

Entertainment of a Different Kind – Salmon Fishing in Oregon

While some people like the busy nightlife, others like a bit of culture, such as that which can only be found at theaters like the Shakespeare Festival. Others find outdoor recreation entertaining and with some of the nation’s finest salmon fishing, Oregon certainly is entertaining to the hobbyist and professional fisherman alike. One thing to know about salmon fishing in Oregon is that alongside timber, which is slowly dwindling due to governmental restrictions, salmon fishing is one of the leading industries in the state. Whether you want a bit of spring fishing on the Willamette and Rogue Rivers or summer Chinook fishing on the Columbia River, you will find all the entertainment you desire as a fisherman lounging back, waiting for the bite you know will happen.

The bottom line when traveling to Oregon is that you will find everything from eclectic shops reminiscent of the Flower Power days to cultural entertainment. You can enjoy a rowdy nightlife or serene days spent on Oregon’s rivers salmon fishing, but there is always something entertaining to do and see for everyone. Visit Oregon with no sales tax and find out why so many tourists choose this state above all others on the West Coast for an affordable but highly enjoyable vacation in God’s Country.





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