Deb Spicer restoring an oil Painting

For the Love of Art-Restoration at Eastlake Framing

Finding a job that one is talented at and loves day-to-day is a nearly impossible task. For Deb Spicer, restoring art is not just her vocation; it is her passion. Spicer is the owner of Eastlake Framing located right here in Central Oregon, has been in the art and framing business for almost 25 years. What many don’t know is that she is highly skilled in art restoration, bringing historic pieces back to life. In fact, she is one of the only art restoration specialists located in Central Oregon.
“Restoration is incredibly therapeutic for me,” says Spicer. “I really could do it all day if I could!” Spicer has an extensive background in studying art. She began work in photo retouching for years before getting interested in framework. As time moved forward into the digital age, Deb left the photo business and focused on her work at Eastlake. It was about 15 years ago that she starting learning about oil paintings and the restoration process. “It’s incredibly technical,” Spicer explains. “It is a long process of testing chemicals to discover what the painting needs. Every piece is different because every artist is different. Some artists mix paint with a varnish and some paintings have been sitting in a sunlit room for 40 years. There are so many variables to consider, so it is a very meticulous process.”
After running tests and discovering how to go about cleaning and restoring each piece, Spicer dives into hours of carefully removing dirt, smoke, varnish and many other damages, usually with just a cue-tip and a soft touch. “I have to be careful not to ever disturb the original paint layer. Depending on the size of the work and what needs to be done, it can be anywhere beyond eight to ten hours of work.”
Spicer emphasizes that restoring the artwork is the goal, never altering it. “The pieces that clients bring me are almost always of personal value,” she states. “Many people will bring in paintings from family members or friends and they are looking to put life back into those pieces that has been lost over time. I am essentially bringing the artwork back to its original state at the beginning of its life, and that is so rewarding.”
Spicer offers an opportunity to repair and revitalize artwork that might otherwise fade away. “It is a preservation of history. To me, it’s not really a job. These pieces are so precious to my clients, and I am truly honored that I am trusted to do this work.” Deb Spicer has a pure devotion to her work that is rare and admirable, and her ability to breath new life into historic artwork is truly remarkable.
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