Kamini to Teach Multi-Level Belly Dance Classes at Gotta Dance

(Photo: Kamini )

Fluid arms, shimmying hips and slow undulations are just a few of the captivating movements that make belly dance one of the most hypnotic and enduring dance forms in the world. Join Kamini for a multi-level class that builds core strength, fluidity and balance while developing muscle identification and isolations. Students will cultivate body appreciation and acceptance while discovering a joyful dance form with ancient roots.
Classes will focus on dance technique as well as developing and refining a vocabulary of belly dance movements. Each class will include stretching, drills and muscle specific conditioning exercises, while providing plenty of opportunities to practice dancing in a fun, supportive group atmosphere. Adults of all ages and body types are welcomed and encouraged.
Belly dance originated as a folk dance and people of all ages participated. Although the dance has evolved, the inclusive nature of it has remained. You can start taking lessons at any point in your life and continue dancing as long as you have the desire to do so. No previous experience is needed for this class beginning October 1 at Gotta Dance.

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