Local Artists Creating Works of Art for the Holidays

The cover of this A&E is graced with wonderful works of art brilliantly created by these local artists. We hope you’ll take the time to visit these other artists at their respective galleries during the holidays.


b yKaren B y
This painter jewelry designer has been involved in art in one way or another since her Portl , Oregon childhood. After moving to Bend opening her design studio in 1987, the business has earned many design awards gathered clients from all over the world. B y designs jewelry began exploring paint as a medium seven years ago.
Working expressively, B y layers transparent opaque paints, lifting revealing under-painting, adding textures or pattern.
Karen B y Studio, 25 Northwest Minnesota Avenue, Bend. 541-388-0155. www.karenb




Beryl Foust-Hovey
Pursuing artistic projects throughout her life Foust-Hovey focuses on pastel painting, interior decorating, drawing, photography quilting.  “I am constantly inspired by the nature:  trees, water, rocks, hoveyfoustflowers, animals, the change of seasons the atmosphere. The beauty of the outdoors is limitless makes selecting a composition daunting as my goal is to capture the essence of the scene not the literal,” she says.
Foust-Hovey is a member of the Red Chair Gallery regularly shows her work at other venues around Central Oregon.,


junellBonnie Junell
Junell has been entrenched in the art world since getting her art degree in Portl . A career in fashion as the vice president of woman’s apparel for Nordstrom diverted her creative energies until retirement in 2005. She currently paints in oils with a focus on realistic impressionism plein air painting. “I strive to capture light, energy color in a way that emotionally strikes the viewer,” states Junell.
She is an artist with the Artists’ Gallery in the Village of Sunriver.,


marquissMary Marquiss
This artist writer strives to give her paintings personal content. “There is a story laced with symbolism behind everything I paint,” says Marquiss. She finds inspiration from growing up in the Willamette Valley of Oregon where natural beauty is abundant.
Her Christmas ornament project was a collaboration with artist Jeff Bickler. “We used light pieces of recycled wood, metallic acrylic paints feathers to create the Blue Jay Christmas ornament,” she said.
Christmas ornaments like the Blue Jay will be available beginning Thanksgiving at Tumalo Art Co. in the Old Mill District., 541-815-0839,



mcbrienleeDee McBrien-Lee
McBrien-Lee says she has lived a life steeped in creativity. Recently she has concentrated on using acrylics in her paintings. Formerly a l scape painter, McBrien-Lee currently works with a variety of themes, including the American West.  
“Whether it is the quiet solitude of life on the ranch or the strength beauty of a single animal, one cannot help but be inspired by the magic of the American West,” she states.
McBrien-Lee is a partner of the Red Chair Gallery in Bend.,


porterDeni Porter
Porter has returned to her artistic roots following her retirement from her computer software company in Portl . She now enjoys painting subjects from both Sunriver Tucson, Arizona where she divides her residence.
With the use of a glazing process (thin layers of translucent color one upon the other), Porter is able to make her paintings “sing” with color. Use of dramatic light intense color are the essence of her painting technique.
Porter is an artist with the Artists’ Gallery in the Village of Sunriver.,






reevesHazel Reeves
Working as an interior designer for over 20 years Reeves background includes a stint in furniture sales, healthcare design as a senior interior designer for the State of Oregon.
“In my favorite series I have created, the story in my paintings leads me to mix very realistic faces in a very abstract matrix,” said Reeves. “I love the visual textures I can achieve by using h dyed tissue paper, Washi paper found paper together with acrylics glazing.”
Reeves started painting seven years ago has recently been working on large paintings. She is an artist at the Artists’ Gallery in Village of Sunriver.,


shuckVicki Shuck
Interested in daily scenes lives of the people around her, Shuck states, “People in every day situations are interesting because they are kind of mysterious… I am interested in capturing moments of life. I am interested in the fact that most of what goes on throughout the day is filled with someone’s cares joys.”
Shuck has been showing her artwork since her college days at OSU. She also works as an illustrator teaches art classes in the area.
Her work is on display at the Tumalo Art Company on a regular basis.,



slaterBarbara Slater
Well-known for her portraits of animals she has worked as a children’s book illustrator, an advertising graphic artist had a 35-year career in education teaching children how to express themselves though creativity. Today, Slater’s work hangs in public private collections throughout the Western U.S. She is a member of the Oil Painters of America, the California Art Club the High Desert Art League. Slater is represented by several galleries in Utah, Oregon, Washington, California locally by Desperado in the Old Mill District The Design Center.


taylorGabrielle Taylor
Originally from Australia, Taylor has lived the life of a traveler as she toured the world before moving to the U.S. in 1980. She has always been involved in creative arts: spinning, weaving, dyeing, ceramics architectural design, but finding jewelry making has brought her to her artistic home. Since 2007, Taylor’s days have been spent bringing new silver gemstone pieces to life.
She is represented by Pave Jewelry by the Red Chair Gallery.,,


thomasMidge Thomas
This self-taught painter works in oils, acrylics, most recently, watercolors.
“I was drawn to watercolor as a medium in the late 90’s because of the challenge of trying to control the outcome.  As I soon learned, watercolor is a little difficult to control, but the unintended outcomes are sometimes delightful,” she says. Thomas uses natural paints with a base of honey, with the colors coming from plant extracts.  Thomas is one of the founders of the Artists’ Gallery in the Village of Sunriver.,



thompsonJeff Thompson
Thompson is not only a glass artist, but a scientist who designs, engineers builds his studio equipment as well. The holistic participation in the artistic process gives him the ability to create custom equipment melt special glass formulas to master the medium.
“There is a hidden art to sculptures created in hot glass,” says Thompson. “It is the dance of balancing molten glass & coaxing it into existence, but this is a privileged view point like knowing how a magician performs his illusions.”
Thompson regularly shows his work around the country is an artist with the Artists’ Gallery in the Village of Sunriver., 541-990-8624,


waissmanCarolyn Waissman
This artist began life as a photographer with the early gift of a brownie camera has continued to enjoy many creative endeavors throughout her life.
“Central Oregon offers a feast for the photographer as a longtime local wildlife naturalist interpreter I love being outside year round. I always have my camera h y to take advantage of all the great photographic opportunities,” says Waissman.
Her work shows at various locations around Central Oregon, she is artist with the Artists’ Gallery in the Village of Sunriver., 541-593-3965.

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