Gary Calicott – Seeing the Unseen

by RENEE PATRICK Cascade A&E Editor

With his image, Ski Wall, gracing the cover of this month’s Cascade A&E, Gary Calicott’s photography has captured our attention with his composition, style a glimpse into the recreation ethos of the region. Ski Wall was chosen among 63 images from 37 photographers submitted in consideration for the January cover.

Calicott’s interest in photography began in 1979; the only student in his Eugene high school with a camera, he was an obvious choice for the position of yearbook photographer. Taking photos captured his imagination, has continued to do so over the past 32 years.

Calicott was largely self taught, developing printing photos for his “serious hobby.” When he began selling images, his business, Gary Calicott Photography (, began.

Finding he was often driving over the pass to enjoy the hiking, fly fishing mountain biking opportunities in Central Oregon, Calicott his family relocated to Bend in 1999. His images reflect his enjoyment of Oregon, “My favorite photos to take are of l scapes. I take pictures all over Oregon, but especially on the East side of the Cascades,” said Calicott. He began taking other types of images after being asked to photograph an event; he now has a wide array of subject matter: portraits, sports, weddings, lifestyle, music, real estate scenery.

Calicott notes the economy has taken a toll on those that call photography a career. He would love to work full time as a photographer, but until that time arrives, he works at the local Lithia Honda dealership. His career took a step into the commercial side of the business when the company, formerly known as Bob Thomas Honda, began using Calicott’s skills in creating some of the advertisements, eventually he started taking photos of the cars used in publicity.

He cites his membership in NOWA (Northwest Outdoor Writers Association) the Bend Photographers Meet Up Group, as helpful networking opportunities. NOWA represents writers, publishers photographers who focus on the outdoors (, Meet Up is an open group for local photographers to socialize while learning tips tricks from each other (

The advent of the digital camera has entirely changed the art of photography. These days iphones cheap digital cameras are capable of taking high quality images, just about anyone can see themselves as a photographer. Calicott has continued to set him self apart from the easy, quick cheap photography by concentrating on composition. “You need to do your homework. [Getting an interesting photo] takes planning. Timing is everything. The light is best during the first last hour of the day,” commented Calicott who uses a Canon 7D SLR. “You have to work to st out as a photographer today. You have to think outside the box.”

Calicott’s inspiration primarily comes from trying to see things that others don’t see, “People may drive by something not give it a second thought, [like the ski wall behind the used gear shop on Greenwood]. I like to stop notice the unnoticed go where people don’t usually go.”

He has tossed around the idea of putting together some photography workshops has a goal to move away from l scapes towards shooting more people commercial jobs. Calicott has had one show downtown for Art Walk, has had work published in local newspapers is interested in continuing to present his work to the public., 541-480-2805.



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