Love Thy Neighbor at High Desert Theatre in Culver

The High Desert Community Theater, serving Culver, Metolius, Madras by bringing the community together through laughter, announces its next production will be Love Thy Neighbor by Gary Ray Stapp.
Love thy Neighbor, is a family friendly comedy, set in small town USA, with some extremely colorful characters.

Armed with a sharply judgmental attitude a pair of binoculars, homeowner Leona Crump is consumed with anxiety over her new neighbors.  Will they be California beatniks?  Or paroled drug pushers?  Or more frightening yet, perhaps someone with children?!

Her worst fears are realized when an odd-ball “hill-folk” family moves in across the street.  Leona quickly realizes that neither God, nor her favorite telephone psychic, has prepared her for the series of showdowns set to take place in her living room.  Gafina, an obnoxious, gum-chewing woman, together with her ‘Maw’ an old hillbetty crone; Gafina’s simple-minded, love-struck boyfriend, Turner; her ‘trampy’ sister Bambi, turn Leona’s neighborhood upside down. 

Threatened by the over-zealous friendliness of Gafina ‘romanced’ by the disgusting Turner, Leona vows to purge them from her cul-de-sac.  But she has no support from her husb , the epitome of the couch potato, nor her other neighbor Judy, who is as sweet as pie about as bright.

Adding to Leona’s exasperation are her daily dealings with her refrigerator-raiding neighbor Paul, the local real estate saleswoman, the mailman, an Avon lady, a police officer a paper girl, all, she is sure, who were only put on this earth to annoy her.  Outnumbered, but refusing to be outmatched, Leona suits up in fatigues resolves to ‘mop up’ the new neighbors all on her own.  Ultimately, it’s a flock of pink flamingos that drives her over the edge l s her in the local jail.  But in the end, will she be victorious drive her new neighbors away?  Maybe, maybe not–it all depends on her weedeater!

The Director Steve Gibson has been a performer in various productions over the years, is the vice president of the High Desert Community Theater Guild.

The multi-aged cast crew are all very dedicated volunteers who are committed to upholding the stated goal of the HDCT by providing an opportunity for the local community to gather together laugh out loud.

The performances are free to the public, donations will be accepted all proceeds go strictly into the coffers for future productions.

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