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Through Redmond to OPB Artist Cameron Kaseberg Makes Oregon Art Beat

Kaseberg OneStepCloserRedmond artist Cameron Kaseberg has been pushing, playing with and refining the art of solvent transfer since his college days. It has been an exploration of the process brought to prominence in the 1950s by Robert Rauschenberg. For Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) it was a unique process and story that aired January 30 on OPB’s Oregon Art Beat.

For Cameron, the Oregon Art Beat story began at the very first Art in the High Desert festival (Bend’s nationally ranked fine art festival) and the first art festival he had ever done. There, Cameron met artists who had been featured on Oregon Art Beat. “I was in awe,” he said. “It is a rare Oregon artist whom does not dream of being featured on Oregon Art Beat, and at that festival it became mine, too.”

Oregon Art Beat is an Emmy award-winning weekly television series produced by OPB. It profiles artists of all genres, and suggests upcoming events in the Oregon community.

Kaseberg 01The reality of Cameron’s dream began unfolding in May 2013 with an unexpected call from Katrina Sarson, a producer for Oregon Art Beat. Sarson had seen Cameron’s work on the Art in the High Desert website and was intrigued by the process. Within two weeks Sarson and the Oregon Art Beat crew arrived in Redmond to begin filming Cameron’s story.

“I was a nervous wreck,” he said, “but the moment they walked in the door all of my trepidation vanished. They were amazing.”

Filming took place in Cameron’s home where he works, with a trip to Smith Rock State Park where he sometimes hikes and photographs material for his art. “In one day we shot elements of every step in the process of making one of my pieces,” Cameron explained. “From photographing at Smith Rock all the way through editing images and putting the final piece together. The last bits of filming were shot as I was setting up for Art in the High Desert to sell my work.”

www.kaseberg.com, www.opb.org/programs/artbeat.


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