10 Barrel Brewing Invites You to its New Carson Storch Supporter Club, AKA — The Rampage Watch Parties

(Photo | Courtesy of 10 Barrel Brewing)

Friday, Friday, Friday… On October 15, 10 Barrel Brewing invites you to come to a 10 Barrel Brewing Pub location in Bend, Portland, Boise or Denver to enjoy the Live Stream of the 20th edition of the Red Bull Rampage.

For those that know, you know. For those that don’t, come learn. Red Bull Rampage is akin to riding giants. Virgin, Utah is held in the same hallowed halls of the waves of Nazaré, Portugal. The 15 mountain bike freeriders invited to the 2021 event will progress the sport before fans’ eyes. They have for 19 previous editions. 2021 will serve the same. The 20th Rampage will show you what is humanly possible on a mountain bike.

We’ll be showing our unabashed support of Bend local and sponsored 10 Barrel athlete Carson Storch as he rides his 2021 Rampage line in hopes of another top finish. Carson was eighth in 2019, but has finished as high as third place (2016). He’s won best trick before as well, also in 2016, with a massive step down 3.

This year’s ride zone was last used in 2017, which was also the venue for the previous year and Storch’s highwater mark. Carson brought his own high expectations to the event in 2017, and put down a solid run for fourth in his first run, then hooked his rear wheel while tricking one of his largest features during his second  and crashed. This year Carson and his team have put in an entirely new line, straight down the gut of the course and sharing components with Kyle Strait and Cam Zink.

While we’ll be rooting for Carson, we welcome all Rampage fans and mountain bikers who are looking to experience this event as a greater part of their bike community. If you don’t yet know Carson, we’d invite you to watch his episode of Peaking S1E1 — Carson Storch on Redbull TV.

The 10 Barrel pubs will have many of their new beers available including 2021’s new Pilsner on tap. Pray For POW will be kicking around at most pubs and available in cans. Of course, APOC, 10 Barrel’s ‘bike’ beer and one of Carson’s favorites, will be on tap too.

Get stoked!

Event Details — 10 Barrel Pubs’ Rampage Watch Parties

Bend East Side – the big shindig. Doors open at 10amPDT.  Live Stream in the banquet space with the premiere of The Solution Craig Bierly’s Wanderlust Way, a Freehubmag film at the conclusion of  Rampage.

Other Pubs Doors open: 11am local time in Bend West, Portland, Boise and Denver. Live Stream Starts at 11amMDT.


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