2019 Sisters Folk Festival Closes Another Spectacular Year

(Photo | Courtesy Sisters Folk Festival)

The Sisters Folk Festival (SFF) has closed out another year, and the directors are calling the event an amazing weekend of stellar musical talent, stories, humor and a common love for live music. They express their thanks to the volunteers, venues, sponsors, staff and vendors.

“This was my first Sisters Folk Festival, and it far exceeded my expectations,” said Crista Munro, executive director. “I’m glad I took numerous people’s advice about not missing the Community Celebration (song church) on Sunday morning. It was such a life-affirming gathering that perfectly encapsulated the feeling of the folk festival in one event. I feel so lucky to be a part of this wonderful organization and I can’t wait for next year.”

“The ‘ripples’ were felt far and wide from this year’s festival experience,” said Brad Tisdel, creative director. “The production staff and the teams at all venues did a phenomenal job giving a platform to outstanding performances by immensely talented musicians and songwriters. I am especially grateful and impressed by the talent and professionalism of our staff and team at SFF; their dedication, commitment and passion for the music and community building is a testament to their character and willingness to work in service to the mission of SFF. Amazing job by all!”

Song Camp, which is part of the Folk Festival, is also being called a huge success by the directors. This event helps create new friendships and brings old friends back together. Campers receive group and one-on-one sessions with festival musicians and perform their songs in a spectacular mountain setting.

“Song Camp this year was off the charts,” said Kathy Marshall, Song Camp support staff. “The instructors’ performances were epic, the food was beyond incredible, the workshops were extremely valuable and the staff was so helpful. And of course the music was so awesome during open mic. But I have to say that the newbies rocked it again! I think everyone left with a very full heart. Thanks to SFF for creating such a safe and educational song camp.”

Dates for the 2020 Sisters Folk Festival are September 11-13, with Song Camp, Americana Song Academy, taking place September 8-11.


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