2019 Tru Vue Best in Show: Attendees’ Choice Awarded To Myrna Dow of High Desert Frameworks!

(Myrna Dow (right), president and founder of High Desert Frameworks Inc. in Bend with Jane Boyce (left), president Tru Vue Inc. at West Coast Art and Frame Expo 2019 Las Vegas, Nevada | Photo by Mark Wallenfang 2019)

Myrna Dow was selected for the 2019 Tru Vue All-Star Custom Framing Competition that concluded at the International West Coast Art And Framing Expo held in Las Vegas this past January.  Custom picture framers from around the world attending the annual trade show voted Myrna Dow’s creation as their favorite and she garnered the 2019 Tru Vue Best in Show: Attendees’ Choice Award.

Myrna’s Journey

“Inner Strength – Outward Beauty” by Myrna Dow

Tru Vue product used: Glazing: Optium Museum Acrylic

Let’s join together to raise awareness for the fight against cancer!

Myrna knows all too well, battling a debilitating disease has a tremendous effect on the mind, body and soul. Losing both parents to cancer during a two-year stretch profoundly changes a person’s perspective and priorities while serving as a catalyst to help others affected by the disease.

When presented with the opportunity from Tru Vue to create a piece devoted to raising awareness,  Myrna was thrilled. The goal of the piece is to highlight how those battling cancer must tackle the journey with immense inner strength and courageous outward beauty. The artwork created was a highly collaborative effort among the framer, family members and other art specialists.

The below epistle was a collaboration written by Myrna and family to help serve as the creative direction and inspiration for the piece.

“I am a young woman with cancer. I am your neighbor. I am your coworker. I am your friend. I am your sister. I am your mother. I am your wife. Our journey is riddled with bumps, pitfalls and roadblocks. Hearing the “C” word the first time flooded me with so many emotions; fear for myself and the ones I love, sorrow for the potential outcome and hope for beating the beast… I will beat the beast!

“Losing my hair as a result of the invasive treatment was devastating. I chose a henna crown because I am a fighter, and my fight deserves to be beautifully honored. The process was soothing as the artist applied the henna, and the finished piece crowns me with courage. Cancer has deeply impacted my life, as it has likely touched yours. It has surpassed heart disease as the number one killer; it is paramount that we continue the fight for a cure. Join me!”

The original artwork in the piece was designed by Myrna to represent the woman in the poem.  Nationally acclaimed artist June Jaeger was presented with a mock-up of the design and she used her talents to create the hand painted fiber art.  Along with the image, words associated with fighting cancer — peace, survive, determination, family, endurance and many more — were printed on a fabric background. The piece was completed using a circular Prisma frame with a customized cancer ribbon design.

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