4 Tips to Help Models Look More Photogenic

Building your portfolio as an up and coming model can be difficult when you’re starting from scratch and haven’t yet “found your look.” Most models don’t walk around in their fully natural state, having just jumped out of bed, no makeup, hair uncombed and untrimmed, etc. Of course not, so preparation and styling are obviously the most important aspects of creating the look that you’re going for, as without some sort of extra effort, simply “being yourself” isn’t going to let you compete in today’s modeling world. With that said, if you’re trying to look better for the cameras it would be wise to start by heeding the following 4 tips:

1. Start a Fitness Regimen

Even if you’re not going to be taking pictures in a bathing suit, keeping your entire body fit is a good way to improve your overall vibrance, skin elasticity, shape, visible bone structure, and other aesthetic features that come with being in optimal physical condition. However, models should be very careful not to over-exert themselves with too much exercise or extreme diets, as doing so will have the opposite of the desired effect on your appearance. A good way to pace yourself and ensure you’re getting plenty of rest and a good diet is to utilize home fitness training courses on sites like workoutbox.com.

2. Practice Poses

As the model it can be easy to just follow the directions of a photographer or agent and not make any real effort to enforce your will upon the outcome of a shoot. It’s important to remember that you have a lot of control over angles and conveyed moods just in the way that you position yourself and the kinds of facial expressions you make. In fact, proper posing is a skill set that every aspiring model should work to build.

3. Switch Up the Hair and Makeup

No matter what kind of face you make or how you position your body, sometimes it’s just time for a different look altogether. Although lipstick and eyeliner give conventional female models the edge of being able to completely reinvent themselves, the average male model also has similar options between dying their hair and changing facial hair styles.

4. Lighting and Angles

All forms of photographic art can be enhanced by lighting and angle adjustments. Thus, whether you’re taking photos of yourself or having them done professionally, it’s important to work with your equipment and/or a photographer to find those angles and lighting arrangements that work best. If you’re working with a pro they should be able to provide some insight and guidance in this area.

Perfecting Your Craft for a More Polished Finished Product

Ultimately, as a model your job is to be the subject of a piece of art, whether it be for a TV advertisement or a spot in a major fitness magazine. While you’ll undoubtedly receive plenty of industry help along your journey, ensuring that you’ve taken care of the tips above first is the best way to make yourself as inherently photogenic as possible.

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