Everyone’s a Critic: Writing the Perfect Review

With the power of the internet behind you, there is nothing that you cannot write about or review. From shopping experiences to the latest movies to the local art exhibition, everyone can now put their opinion down on their blog or on their local newspaper that might lead to someone’s decision to go or not. Because of this, it is important that you write your review most honestly and objectively as possible. Here are some tips on how you can write the perfect review for your readers.

Experience What You’re Reviewing

You might be surprised to know that not every reviewer has been to that restaurant or seen that play. In fact, there are some reviews that are written based on other people’s reviews, which is not an objective way to go. For that reason, and to be considered reputable, you need to experience what you are reviewing. Take your time and try not to miss anything; people might want to see or hear a specific part, so it is important that you do everything. If you are visiting a restaurant that has a signature dish, then try that one, it might be what everyone wants to know to see if it’s good. The same applies to online products and services; if you are writing a review of a casino game for example, then you need to experience it fully. You can learn more about casinos and the games they offer online to get a background. Once you feel that you have adequately experienced everything, and you feel you can write a comprehensive review, then it’s the next step.

Take Lots of Notes

You might think that you have a great memory and that taking notes won’t be necessary, but, it is still a good idea to do so. Even if you do remember most of the things you want to write about, there may be minute details that slip your mind. For example, if you have been to a restaurant and you were particularly impressed with the way they took your order, you might not remember that by the end of the meal. Remember to write notes about each aspect of the experience and not just the main event. Write about the place itself as well as the decoration, the people, the staff and the food.

Take Photos

Not all places you visit will allow you to take photos, but some might let you if they know you are writing a review. If you are allowed, then as with your notes, take pictures of the whole event. Start with a picture of the outside of the venue and perhaps one of the program or menu if they have one. Then, you can start to take some pictures of the best parts of the event. Remember that your readers will be seeing this for the first time, so it needs to be in context with what you are writing. Perhaps you might even be able to get a picture of the artist if it’s a band or the cast if it’s a play, this will add something to your article and could be arranged if they know why you need it. If you are unable to take photos, then try writing to the event organizers, they may have some press photos that they can send you.

What Are the Parameters for the Review?

Before writing the review, you need to find out if the site you are writing for has any parameters. It might be that there is a word limit or perhaps you need a certain number of photos. It is good to know these requirements before you start to write to save you having to change it afterward. It is also important to check to see if there is a deadline, this can be especially important if you have been tasked with the review. You should also see if there is an event that you can coincide your review with such as a book release or a new gallery opening.

Find Your Angle

Not all reviews are created equal; you might have had a wonderful time and want to write a positive review, or, you might want to write something about the theme or the event. For example, if you are writing about a movie, you might want to choose the theme as the basis of the article and write your views around it.

Know Your Audience

Who will be reading your review when it’s published? You need to know this before you start so that you can adjust your review accordingly. If you are writing about a band for a music site, then people might already know who they are and what songs they have sung. However, if you are writing about something technical like a computer, then depending on the publication, you might need to cut through the jargon and tell the readers in easy to understand terms. You need to remember that your review might be the reason someone buys something or goes to an event, so you need to know who they are.

Write the Details

When you start writing the review, you need to put in enough detail to allow the reader to make an informed decision. Keep your sentences long and try to describe what you saw and heard in detail. If you had a meal, then tell the reader how it tasted, what it looked like and what ingredients you found. Then, you can start to add your own opinion by saying it was cold or the sauce was too thick. Try to write as balanced a review as you can; if there were things you didn’t like, then also write the things you did like, or it will seem that you had only one point of view.

The most important part of the review is your identity and character. You need to put some of your personality in the piece as well so that people can get to know you.

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