April’s Featured Artists at Hood Avenue Art are Sandy Dutko & Annie Dyer

(Painting by Sandy Dutko and Ceramics by Annie Dyer | Photos courtesy of Hood Avenue Art)

Sandy Dutko is a Central Oregon artist who enjoys painting in many mediums. Many of her recent works are in water-media and collage, but she also likes to experiment with oils and pastels. Her paintings have become more abstract in the past several years. Her work varies from semi-abstract to pure abstract depending on the mood and encompasses many subject matters.

Sandy’s approach to painting is experimental, and she enjoys taking risks, believing that it leads to more interesting art and growth as an artist.

A bit about Annie…In the early 1990s, Annie apprenticed with Master Ceramicist Asako Watanabe in Japan, learning aesthetics and developing the patience to create elegant pottery forms. A turning point in her work came when she discovered the magic of impressing objects into the clay and she settled on organic materials for her impressions. Whether hand-formed or thrown, each piece is unique and functional and marries the smooth, rich surfaces of glazed and finished clay with the raw richness of nature.

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