Arcadia Publishing & The History Press Presents Hidden History of Ashland Oregon

(Photo courtesy of Arcadia Publishing and The History Press)

Written by Joe Peterson, Hidden History of Ashland Oregon, part of the Hidden History Series, is about innovators, authors and baseball pioneers. 

Famous for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland has a deep history that goes far beyond the stage. From a 160-year-old unsolved murder to a newcomer whose “healing hands” drew people from all over the country, the town has attracted its fair share of unique characters. Vladimir Nabokov came to pursue his favorite hobby, butterfly collecting, while writing his famously controversial novel, Lolita, and an actor turned entrepreneur became one of the foremost recyclers long before it was mainstream. Discover the story behind Ashland’s golf course cemetery and the gloveless baseball team of 1884. Join local historian Joe Peterson as he explores the fascinating past of this colorful town.

About the Author

Joe Peterson is a retired educator who has lived in Ashland, Oregon, for 23 years. He has taught history, political science and education courses at Southern Oregon University and has managed Teaching American History federal grants for Southern Oregon Education Service District. He has presented lectures for the Southern Oregon Historical Society’s Windows in Time series and is the author of three books, including Ashland for Arcadia Publishing’s Images of America series.

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