Arcadia Publishing & The History Press Presents Abandoned Oregon: Ghost Towns of the Painted Hills and Beyond by Ash Knotts

(Photo | Courtesy of Arcadia Publishing & The History Press)

Abandoned Oregon: Ghost Towns of the Painted Hills and Beyond combines the author’s penchant for aimless road trips, foolhardy adventure seeking and paranormal curiosity, and offers it all up in four variations on a weekend getaway through Central Oregon. Beginning in the Painted Hills, the reader is given the option to travel in any direction they so choose and thus take on the repercussions. These adventures run the gamut from everyday hazards of the trade to run-ins with the ghosts of rave kids. The narrator, though spiteful and somewhat caustic, is keen on taking you to the most interesting locations. Complete with a selection of original photographs taken on various similar road trips, Abandoned Oregon is sure to offer an entertaining read, or four.

Ash Knotts grew up in rural Ohio with not much to do except explore abandoned houses looking for ghosts. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon, where she divides her time between working as an animator, shooting independent films and exploring the Wild West with her dog, Sooki. She owes much of her curiosity for decrepit buildings, history and cemeteries to her supportive and patient parents, Jim and Jan. Ash’s other work be found on her Instagram, @GhostTownStopMotion, and her website,

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