Art in the Atrium

(Artwork above: Grand Opening by Barbara Slater)

Art in the Atrium, Franklin Crossing, presents Barbara Slater’s paintings in oil and acrylic entitled Floral, Feathers and Fur from October 2-28. The artist will attend the First Friday, October 5, 5-8pm public opening.

Barbara Slater, a painter for over forty years, reveals in her love of and respect for animals, her delightful sense of humor and her considerable talent for drawing and painting in her current Franklin Crossing exhibition. As the title suggests, the show presents florals, birds and animals with fur.

The artist’s florals, such as her double ruffled iris with its upright stature and brilliant red color, suggests a sense of majesty. The birds, her barnyard roosters with their focused eyes and sharp beaks, depict not only beauty but a presence of somber authority. The artist’s fur creatures, such as her brown bear that traditionally appears ferocious, licks its lips and appears content following a feast of honey!

The artist notes, “I paint what I love, striving to paint passionate paintings… not just workable paintings. I have a heart-felt connection to my work.” Her life-like images portray not only warmth and admiration, but her considerable ability as well.

Recognized throughout the western U.S., the prestigious Richard Schmid Art Auction, acknowledging her painting excellence, juried her into four successive exhibitions, and the auctioneer elevated her art to the live auction. Slater is a juried member of the Oil Painters of America, the California Art Club and locally in Bend, the High Desert Art League.

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