Wildfire Ceramic Showcase: The Many Uses of Ceramics

(Pottery above by Sandy Brown | courtesy of Wildfire Pottery)

Wildfire Ceramic Showcase will be on Saturday and Sunday, November 3 and 4 at Highland Elementary School (701 NW Newport Ave.) from 10am-5pm on Saturday and 10am-4pm on Sunday.

The world of ceramics is surprisingly varied. We live with many ceramic items every day and don’t realize it. Our homes are equipped with porcelain sinks and toilets and decorated with flower vases. We eat off of ceramic dishes and drink out of fired clay mugs. Ceramics are used for cookware, bricks, tiles and roofs. Electrical insulators are made out of ceramics. Even our computers and electronic devises have ceramic components. Cars, artificial bones and teeth, and NASA space shuttles all use ceramic parts.

Ceramic pieces are made from mixtures of clay, earthen elements, powders and water and are shaped into the desired forms. They are then fired in a high temperature oven known as a kiln. Often ceramics are covered in decorative, waterproof, paint-like substances known as glazes.
At the Wildfire Ceramic Showcase, Central Oregon clay artists will be displaying a wide variety of ceramic pieces also. There will be mugs in many shapes and sizes, drinking vessels, plates, platters, casseroles, vases, candle holders and bowls of every size. You will find Christmas ornaments and jewelry. Raku pots that are highly decorated will be part of the show. Ceramic sculptures large and small, and wall art will be available to decorate your home.

Everything at the 2018 Wildfire Ceramic Showcase is made of clay and is waiting for you to discover!

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