Art & Wine at the Artists’ Gallery This Saturday

((L-R) Photography by Christian Murillo, Pastel by Laura Jo Sherman, Pottery by Dori Kite and Ceramic Platter by Diane Miyauchi)

Art is all about the senses so it just seems right that wine and art would be a perfect complement to each other. You can participate in this unscientific discovery at the Artists’ Gallery Sunriver by stopping by the Gallery for the Second Saturday Celebration, September 11 from 4-6pm. The artists will be serving both beautiful art and wine, beer and food. It doesn’t get much better than that! Featured artists for September are diverse in mediums and styles. They will be at the ready to discuss their deepest creative artistic motivations with visitors or at least have a good story and a laugh. Please visit the Gallery’s website to appreciate the variety and scope of the work of these artists — one or two photographs is just not a good enough way to get a sense of the treat in store for you at the Gallery.

Natural landscape photographer Christian Murillo humbles and inspires viewers with the grace and power of his mountain landscapes. Each piece is stunning and makes the viewer wonder not only at the beauty of nature, but how the artist was able to capture the image. Photography is always better when the artist can discuss the image capture and Christian is as charming as his work.

Potter Dori Kite is a long time Gallery favorite. Inspired by texture, color and patterns, Dori is constantly trying new techniques, glazes and subjects. Kite’s work is always popular, but her newest pieces are really flying out of the Gallery. Sushi sets and Ramin bowls are functional and beautiful. The artist’s favorite color combinations of iron red/gray, black/white and purple/green are perfect for these pieces.

Pastel painter Laura Jo Sherman once again nails the combination of light, color and texture with her latest pieces. One piece captures the essence of a sunset while another piece provides a delicate sense of light through the pine trees. In yet another pieces, the viewer can almost hear the pounding of the hooves as horses run through the dusty light or the trill of a bird in the soft morning light.

Potter Diane Miyauchi is a specialist when it comes to providing beautiful functional art with simple clean lines and bright engaging colors. Miyauchi provides an art experience for the things that you do every day. Ceramic garden stakes or a colorful garden totem will make you smile while working in the garden. A knitting bowl to hold your yarn and delight your senses, bowls, dishes, platters and more — all with a splash of color and shine.

It is never too early to start looking for Holiday gifts. A Gallery celebration is the perfect way to get the low down on what catches your bestie’s eye and then you can sneak back for the purchase!

Artists’ Gallery Sunriver Village • 57100 Beaver Drive, Building 19 • 541-593-4382

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