Artist Gallery is a Great Destination

(Artwork above: Three Sisters by Bill Hamilton)

One of Central Oregon’s finest art galleries is located in an unassuming building in the Sunriver Village. The Artists Gallery is an example of what happens when 30 incredibly talented and diverse artists present the best of their work in a spacious and light filled environment. It becomes a destination! The gallery is open every day during the summer, but a really great time to visit is on the second Saturday of each month. On September 8 from 4-7pm, you are invited to party with the artists. Aside from the art and the fun, food and drink will be plentiful.

Featured artist Bill Hamilton exhibits a devout attention to light and the way that it illuminates its subjects. Landscapes draw the viewer’s eye to the peaks of one of his favorite subjects, the Cascade mountains. The light softly falls and surrounds the mountains almost like a halo. Hamilton’s goal is to be able to paint any subject, in any light and not get stuck in a box painting a few subjects. When asked why he doesn’t paint more people, he bursts out laughing and says, “If you’re off a bit on a tree, not a big deal, but if you are off a bit on a nose…well…I rather stick to trees.”

New to the gallery, jewelry artist Linda Barker shares her talent for beautiful, but quirky pieces that find the beauty in “found” items. Her pendent necklaces are spectacular – one piece utilizes a patina rich Mexican peso that someone shot a bullet through leaving a hole. Barker replaced the hole with a black seed pearl and then placed it on a silver bottle cap that had the misfortune of being smashed flat when a large vehicle drove over it. The result is a beautiful treasure. All the artist’s pieces are equally special as is the artist herself. Make sure to spend time with her when you visit for Second Saturday.

Long time favorite, potter Diane Miyauchi has many useful and beautiful pieces for collectors to choose from. The artist has added some new glazes to her presentation making a departure from her ever popular blue/green pieces. Square shapes have been added to the plate selection. These items make perfect gifts and are a simple way to add art in a manner that can be appreciated and utilized daily.

Also new to the Gallery is painter Jennifer Lewis. Lewis uses colors and textures to convey different moods. She loves to experiment and play with her paintings often using everyday items like bubble wrap to create texture. The artist is a longtime student of Feng Shui and each of her paintings has a conscious play of energy vs calm. Some of her most popular pieces were inspired by the recent eclipse.

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