Artists’ Gallery Sunriver Village, Art Evokes Emotion

Join Artists’ Gallery on Saturday June 10 from 4 to 7pm to meet the gallery artists and enjoy food and wine and fun.

Becky Wanless is the new mixed media artist. Becky is practically a native of Bend, moving here in 1980. In the early 1990s, Becky attended a week-long workshop with with a Florida experimental artist, Maxine Masterfield, who introduced her to dyeing paper with acrylic inks.

Since that time, Becky has created her own specialty papers. She employs her own techniques and materials to hand dyed, pattern and texture papers which then become her paper paintings.

“My work is a reflection of what intrigues me…..color, pattern, shape and texture found in nature and quilt blocks,” she explains. Becky’s work has a beautiful contemporary and unique look.

Dottie Moniz creates mixed media art with acrylics and watercolors and papers. Dottie’s Cascade Falls is the result of experimenting with acrylics on canvas. The piece was painted intuitively from memories of various waterfalls she has seen on her hikes. The texture is created using various gel mediums and a pallet knife rather than a brush.

Dottie said, “I enjoyed the unplanned and unexpected outcome of creating this piece from memory.”

The gallery glass artist, Marily Badger has a passion and her passion is glass. Her’ newest pieces are cut from flat sheets of hand-rolled glass specially made
for fusing.

Tack Fuse is her favorite style by far because it allows Marily to create dimensional pieces with layers and jewels and other embellishments that add uniqueness to the process.

Marily’s art is truly colored by one really important fact of life. She is a fifth-generation Hawaiian who details the beauty of Hawaii in each of her pieces.

Mary Wonser is a weaver who has perfected her art. She is exploring Ripsmatta which is a Swedish technique from the 1800s. This basically means that the design and color is focused on the warp or horizontal lines and is characterized by ribs as the weave technique is usually used for rugs, runners, placemats and wall hangings.

Presently, Mary is weaving table runners in strong colors with black borders to highlight the patterns.

In the gallery, you can see a great selection of Mary’s weavings such as shawls, runners, wall hangings and her felted pots which she has named Wool Pottery.

Artists’ Gallery Sunriver Village
Building 19
541 593 4382

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